Friday, August 4, 2017

Please Help My Family With Rent Deposit

Dear Readers,

My family and I need your help.

This is so embarrassing, but when you need help, you just need help.

We have to move. We found a house to rent. We'll be moving into it in October. The deposit is $1450. I have $100 saved. so just need $1350. We won't have the full amount when October come with our meager income. That is why I'm asking for help. If you can help with some of the deposit if not all that will be fine.

I opened a gofundme account. Click below on the account to make donations if you choose to.

Also read the full story below. It is also posted on my gofundme account.

You can read the complete story below. 

My family and I are in a bind. Just last September 9, 2016 we moved into an apartment because the previous landlord decided to sell her rental house after 8 years of tenancy with her. When we moved into our apartment, management emphasized there is “absolutely no”smoking on the property and in the units.

Guess what happened after we moved in?

     Late in the evenings and at nights smoke from the above unit comes into our apartment, and it isn’t just cigarette smoke-we get smells just like the upstairs tenant are making meth, too. Smoking meth and making meth.

     We wrote complaints to management because the smoke coming into our apartment gives us the appearance we’re smoking dope. What if maintenance or management came inside while the smell of meth smoke is in our apartment? Just think how we would look. That is a lease violation. But in response to our complaints, Management sent us a letter stating there is no signs of “odors” and:

“We cannot take legal action against your neighbors without independent, third party verification of an actual lease violation. If you are able to obtain verification of this incident please forward it at your earliest convenience so we can re-open our investigation.”

     But the police explained to us that even though they may smell drug odors they cannot take action unless they see actual drug activity. So we wrote back to management in an email that we would send a report to the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) and ICE (US Immigration Customs & Enforcement), since the tenants are non-citizens. 

     On May 12, 2017 we received a no cause termination notice from management to be out by August 31, the last day of our lease term. If we’re still here we’ll get evicted. This sucks because we’ve just been here for 8 months, we did nothing wrong. We just complained about drug smoke coming in our apartment. 

     We consulted lawyers but there’s nothing they can do about no cause terminations, they claimed. We did some research and found to fight a no cause termination you have to prove retaliation and illegal discrimination, but you need a lot of evidence for that. We’d need a damn good lawyer, but no lawyer we talked to is interested.

But now we do thankfully have a house to rent, the very one we moved out of.  The landlord did not get the house sold. She rented it out, but the new tenants are violating their lease and she wants them to move. I was having a hard time finding a landlord willing to rent to us. So I got in touch with our old landlord since she owns lots rental property. That is when she told about the current tenants. She said we can move into the house in October. We thanked her and told her she's a lifesaver.

The deposit is $1450.  I have $100 saved so far. With our meager income we won't have the complete amount saved by October.   Your help to get most of it if not all of it will be appreciated.


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