Saturday, August 11, 2018

THE FLOWER BOY: Please Read & Donate

THE FLOWER BOY is a children’s book I wrote.  
Need a place to take root

I need your and anyone’s support for my book THE FLOWER BOY. It is a children’s book patterned in the spirit of American Girl books. The story is meant to give a glimpse of a girl’s life in an oppressive male dominate culture that exists in modern times.  In western culture some girls who change gender roles do it at free will to express their true selves. However in some cultures it is an act of survival for themselves and their families in a male dominated society. 

     THE FLOWER BOY is based on an ancient practice of Bacha Poshi, which is Persian for “dressed up as a boy”. It is a practice in Afghanistan and Pakistan where families with all daughters and no son pick a daughter to live as a boy with the purpose fulfilling duties of a male relative, such as escorting female family members, gaining education, and working to earn income for the family. Bacha Poshi girls keep their female identity a secret and is practiced to this day.

     Every literary agent I’ve queried rejected this book. The reason: “Not appropriate for children”; “The premise is too original”; “I can’t personally identify with the characters” or “This isn’t good for my list”. One agent told me to try crowd funding the book. That’s a wild idea, but I’m doing just that.

     And what am I going to do with the money? Buy a modest 3bedroom 2bathroom house for my mother and younger brother. My goal is $380,730. In Vancouver WA, where we live that’s the going price for such a house --so far. House market has been rocketing with rent rates. After reading my complete children’s book THE FLOWER BOY, please donate $7.50 per reader. Proceeds  go toward my family’s house fund, and more money collected means more readers, proof to show literary agents the book is marketable.

Please click here to donate $7.50 per reader (approximate price of the book if it were published) to the house found for my mother, brother, and me. The goal to to raise $380,730. 

Please read THE FLOWER BOY below:

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