Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lists Of Agent & Porducers

If anyone is interested, I have several lists of film agents and producers a long with phone numbers and addresses. If anyone is interested in them just contact me at In the subject box type film agents and producers.

I also have a long list of literary agents. If anyone is interested in it ask for it too.

Before sending material to agents and producers always call them first to varify the correct address. Also before sending a query to producers be sure they produce movies that are in the same genre as your film script. Here are some tips to finding the right producer:

1. Check the credits of released movies that are in the same genre as your script. Get the name of the producer.
2. Then do research on the producer to find out what production company he or she works for. Go to the website For a little over $15.00 per month you'll get access to the names of producers, their production company address, and phone number. I plan to subscribe to this site in the near future (after paying off my bill to Dell computers).

When you find the right producer to query, send a query letter, and send the first 10 pages of your script. A hollywood secret I recently learned is that producers will read the first 10 pages of a script. The first 10 pages of a script is like the first chapter of a novel that a literary agent asks a writer to send during a first time query. The 10 pages have a better chance of selling the script than the query letter or synopsis. So in the first 10 pages be sure the reader meets the main characters and gets a good idea what the plot will be about. When writing jump right in the story. Make the beginning as interesting as possible.