Monday, March 16, 2015

How to Write Effective Dialog

Need help writing dialog? check out the email letter below.

Dear Screenwriter,

Don't let amateurish dialogue drag you down any more! Join Writing Dialogue For Emotional Impact online.

Dialogue seems like a natural way to express the emotional core of your script, but you also must stick to the essentials. Too much dialogue can work against you. That means that every bit of dialogue you write must be meaningful, sometimes on more than one level. Author and instructor, Karl Iglesias will show you easy techniques you can use to turn your dialogue around.

In Writing Dialogue For Emotional Impact you will learn how to:

  • More than 45 effective dialogue techniques that will help you turn your story's dialogue from boring to exciting
  • The nine requirements of great dialogue
  • The most common dialogue problems found in amateur scripts and how to avoid them
  • 15 advanced, effective techniques to create emotionally-impactful dialogue
  • 10 techniques for dialogue that individualizes your characters
  • How to present information through dialogue in a way that engages the reader
  • Nine effective ways to create subtle exposition in your script
  • How to avoid "on-the-nose" dialogue and 12 techniques to turn "on-the-nose" dialogue into subtext

    Happy Writing!