Thursday, November 12, 2015

Script Writing Opportunities

Hello, readers,

Below is an email I received from Screenwriter's Goldmine. It's offering a script contest and an internship as a script editor for a production in London. If you are interested in these, check them out.


We still need your scripts. The competition still has four weeks left to enter, and the deadline for standard submissions is next Thursday. After that we move to Late Submissions, with doors closing finally on December 10th.

This competition can kick start your career, so if you have a script that you have entered elsewhere, then why not send it to us too?

More here:

Enter here:

'The Dumping Ground' celebrations

You may be interested to hear that the series of The Dumping Ground on which I was script-editor has been nominated for two Childrens' BAFTAs. It's up for 'Best Drama', and 'Interactive' - huge congratulations to all involved!

More here:

What does a script editor actually do?

If you've ever wondered what a script editor does, I've written an in-depth blog post that explains some of it.

More here:

Trainee script editor internship at ITV Studios

Having read that blog post, if you fancy a go at it yourself, ITV Studios are currently offering fantastic opportunity to intern as a script editor on ITV’s Jekyll and Hyde.

I don't know when the doors close, so don't delay if you fancy it. It's a golden opportunity to enter the industry if you fit their entry requirements. (All roles advertised through Creative Access are only open to UK nationals from a black, Asian or non-white ethnic minority, and you will need a degree.)

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Variety's Funniest Films

Variety have posted a list of the WGA's member's choice of the funniest films of all time.

More here:

They seem to have left out Withnail and I but included Blazing Saddles. Clearly an administrative mix-up.

Robert McKee in London

Tomorrow is Robert McKee day in London. Ten hours of lectures on story structure as it applies to TV series drama, with special reference to Breaking Bad. I can't wait. It's sold out now, but if you are coming along do look me up and say hello.

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