Wednesday, April 9, 2014

New Literary Agents

Dear Readers,

I got an email about two new literary agents in search of writers:

Two New Agents Seeking Clients

Click on any name below to see the full mini-profile on the GLA Blog (with submission instructions). Good luck querying!

1. Taylor Haggerty of Waxman Leavell Literary Agency

She is seeking: "I am drawn to novels with a compelling voice and grounded, relatable characters that pull me into their world from the start. My favorite books have strong emotional elements that stay with me long after I finish reading. My current interests include young adult fiction, historical fiction, and historical romance. I do not represent screenplays."

2. Jennifer Azantian Starts Her Own Agency

She is seeking: fantasy, science-fiction, and horror that focuses on characters that feel real, the kind whose stories she can get invested in regardless of extravagance in plot or setting. She is fascinated by the basic human truths that emerge at the heart of all the greatest fantasies. These are the kind of projects that she advocates. She is actively acquiring only science fiction and fantasy (including all of their subgenres) as well as smart, psychological horror for middle grade, young adult, new adult, and adult readers.

Writer's Digest Shop

Dear Reader,

When writing it is good to have resources to help guide you in forming your story. I suggest checking out the Writer's Digest Shop. They've got some really great books that can help you with character development, story structure, plot formation, dialog, etc.

The cost for their books is reasonable. I know you don't want to spend money. You just want to write your  story, get it published, and start making money. Well, it does not work out perfectly that way. You need to study. So check out The Writer's Digest Shop. Click on the web site below.