Wednesday, March 25, 2015

What is "Genre" ?

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Get an understanding of the different genres and determine what genre you story (novel or screenplay) falls under.

This info is from an email I got from GUIDE TO LITERARY AGENTS.

Novel Genres Defined: Insights, Tips and Definitions from Literary Agents Questions  

Sometimes you've written a book, but for the love of all that is holy, you can't quite figure out what exact genre or category it is. For help on defining and examining genres, I turned to literary agents and asked them all kinds of questions. See all their answers in my Writers in the Storm guest column here: "Genres Explained: Insights, Tips and Definitions From Literary Agents." In the meantime, here are some questions I asked:

-- The difference between high fantasy and urban fantasy 
-- The confusion between urban fantasy and paranormal romance
-- Mystery vs. thriller
-- On an agent's willingness to work with a book that straddles two, three, or even four genres 
-- On what constitutes crime fiction
-- On the categories of children's fiction (young adult, middle grade, early readers, etc)
-- On classifying erotica, romance, erotic romance, and women's fiction
-- On classifying a book as LGBTQ. (Read the entire column here.)