Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Here is my last post for today.

I just got an email from GUIDE TO LITERARY AGENT newsletter telling of 2 new agents open to queries. If you've written something to fit what they're looking for, feel free to contact them.

2 New Agents Seeking New Writers NOW 

Click on any name below to see the full mini-profile on the GLA Blog (with submission instructions). Good luck querying!  

1. Amanda O'Connor of Trident Media

She is seeking: Amanda is continuously building her client list in general-interest and upmarket nonfiction, spirituality and wellness, and literary fiction. She looks for the "wisdom factor" across genres and disciplines, especially authors who have an expertise they are eager to share with the world. Her favored subjects include (but are not limited to) history, religion, popular science, sociology, culinary arts, and creativity. In spirituality, Amanda's approach is truly ecumenical, seeking leaders of all faith communities from Catholic nuns to Sikh entrepreneurs, from practical self-help to inspirational memoir. Literary fiction is a pursuit of passion. She gravitates towards works that address timeless concerns of the soul through the lens of modern life. Above all else, Amanda loves a well-crafted sentence.

2. Mallory C. Brown of TriadaUS

She is seeking: young adult, new adult, women's fiction, and nonfiction. She is especially drawn to pieces with strong character-driven plots and witty humor. She loves contemporary fiction, low fantasy, and romance. Mallory also appreciates a well-placed comma and hopes you do, too.

Screen Writing Resources 2015

Dear Readers,

Here is a new list of articles to read from SCRIPT MAGAZINE.

WRITERS ON THE WEB: Getting a Web Series in Festivals, Part 1
Enter tutorial promo editorial here...
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BACK TO THE CHALKBOARD: How to Apply to Film School
Screenwriter and Professor Brad Riddell offers must-read tips on how to apply to film school - writing samples, personal essay, letters of recommendations and more!
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Elevate Your Antagonist with Tips in Our FREE Download
Get your FREE download of 6 Tips for a Stand-Out Antagonist to learn how to create an compelling nemesis for your protagonist!
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SCRIPT ANGEL: Creating a Story For Your Character
The mind and life of a character is the story behind the story. Script Angel's Hayley McKenzie offers tips on creating a strong story for your character.
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Industry Insider Television Writing Contest AND Features Contest on NOW!
The lucky winner of the Industry Insider Television Writing Contest receives unparalleled Industry experience, a meeting with Anonymous Content (True Detective, The Knick) and other Industry Insiders and much more. Not a TV writer? Enter the features contests where you write 15 pages off a given logline and all finalists get a mentor to help them finish their scripts!
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BEHIND THE LINES WITH DR: The Big Deep and Realizing Your Dreams
It was indeed an exciting time for realizing your dreams. To be broke, living by a sliver-thin thread as if real life itself was projected in Cinemascope.
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Top 5 Tips for Submitting a Screenplay
Your script is done, now what? Susan Kouguell gives the top tips every screenwriter needs to know before submitting a screenplay.
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SCRIPT INDUSTRY EXPERT Q&A: Meet Jose Prendes of 'Zen in the Art of Screenwriting'
Script takes you behind the scenes to get to know Jose Prendes, author of the column 'Zen in the Art of Screenwriting.'
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SELLING YOUR SCREENPLAY: Screenwriter & Director Antonia Bogdanovich On Getting 'Phantom Halo' Produced
Ashley Scott Meyers interviews Antonia Bogdanovich, who recently completed her feature directorial debut on a film called 'Phantom Halo'.
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Why is Screenwriting Format Important + Exclusive FREE Download from Dave Trottier, AKA Dr. Format!
In our free download, Dave Trottier, AKA Dr. Format and author of The Screenwriter's Bible, gives examples of how to format text messages, phone conversations, overlapping dialogue, wryles and more. Dave's examples of formatting a screenplay will help you easily polish your screenplay like a pro.
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ScriptMag Archives: SCRIPT TIPS: Two Easy Ways To Create Memorable Villains Using Life Experience
ScriptMag looks back at older articles that still pack value for today's screenwriter. Marilyn Horowitz explains how to apply real-life experiences to create memorable villains and obstacles, which will in turn raise the potential for conflict, creating a compelling story.
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Dear Writers,

I am now writing coverages for scripts/screenplay. People have been asking for them, and I have been doing them. So I might as include it in my list of services.

Below is a list of all my services.

Coverage for Scripts/Screenplays: $69.00 

Edits / Proofread for Short Stories: $30.00

Treatments : $ 48.00 (2 - 3 pages; for scripts)

Edits/Proofread:  $50.00  (proofread for scripts)

Critique :  $64.00 ( for scripts)

Query Letters :  $28.00 (scripts/books): 

Synopsis :  $38.00 (script/books): 

Edits/ Proofread for Books:  $90.00

Critiques for Books:  $125.00

( If you are not able to pay in full, the payment for any service can be made on installment - divided in half. If you would like to use my service, let me know whether you need  to pay on installment or can pay in full. I am willing to be flexible.)

Some people request edits and critiques together. If a writer wants both, to me this says the writer is not completely confident his or her script is ready. So I  recommend getting the critique first. Use the critique to redo the script. Once the script is just right, then request the edit.

However, there are script, screenplay, writers who insist on having both an edit and critique together.  So I offer an edit and critique combo at discount.

Edit &Critique Combo Discount: $66.00   This is a discount savings of $40.00

All payments are received by Paypal. If you cannot make Paypal payments you may mail payments in the form of cashier checks or money orders. NO personal checks

If you are interested in my services feel free to contact me at

Phone: (360) 696-4298

There's nothing like a good deal.

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2015 Summer Writing Contests


I've been busy lately. Sorry for not making any new posts. But I have something here that might interest you from POETS & WRITERS, a list of writing contests. Some charge a fee and some offer free entry.  So check it out.

57 Writing Contests
Our Grants & Awards database is the most trusted resource for information about legitimate writing contests available anywhere. We carefully review the practices and policies of each contest we include. 

The database lists fifty-seven deadlines between now and September 15, including:

The Rattle Poetry Prize, offering $10,000 and publication for a poem. Ten finalists will receive $200 and a chance to win the $2,000 Readers' Choice Award. Deadline: July 15.

The Glimmer Train Short Story Award for New Writers, offering $1,500 and publication for a short story by a writer whose fiction has not been published in a print publication with a circulation over 5,000. Deadline: August 31.

The Hunger Mountain Creative Nonfiction Prize, offering $1,000 and publication for an essay. Deadline: September 10.