Thursday, May 22, 2014

FREE Srceenplay Teleclass

Hay, people!

Here's something great for you. I got this in an email today. Check it out.


Join Us As Chris Soth Analyzes
X-Men: Days of Future Past
With The Mini-Movie Method!

In this FREE Teleclass, Chris is going to give away the secrets to his acclaimed Mini-Movie Method -- The same step-by-step process he used to create and sell his screenplay for $750K!
As he does, he'll show the deeper structure of X-Men: Days of Future Past, which comes out Friday, May 23, 2014.
In this rare, LIVE phone interview, I’ll be asking Chris to spill the beans on EACH of the eight sequences, or “Mini-Movies”, that make up a successful screenplay – including:
  • All 8 Mini-Movies...and we'll breakdown the movie X-Men: Days of Future Past.
  • The two vital ingredients you need to create tension -- the key to an extraordinary screenplay.

  • What MUST happen in Act One for the rest of your story to succeed.

  • How to avoid the typical writer’s block of Act 2 by breaking it down into 4 Mini-Movies.

  • How to leave the audience completely satisfied with your ending.
PLUS, I’ll take one of YOUR loglines and have Chris create the entire movie right on the call!
Once you hear the details of the Mini-Movie method, you’ll never get stuck on structure again.  But please register quickly, there are only a limited number of spots available for this call. 
I'd love for YOU to be one of those people who gets to join us.  Here are the details:
Date:  Sunday, May 25th at 12:00 pm (noon)
Time: 12pm (noon) Pacific Daylight Time

Once you discover how easy this is, you’ll never go back!
Hal Croasmun
P.S. After you register for the class, we'll give you complete instructions on how your logine could become one of the lucky ones that Chris gives the MMM treatment to!
Here is the list of my fees again. Some one sent an email stating the website did not show my fees. So at the end of every blog post I'll show my fees.

Edits:  $48.00  (proofread for scripts)

Critique :  $58.00 ( for scripts)

Query Letters :  $28.00 (scripts/books):

Synopsis :  $38.00 (script/books):

Edits for Books:  $90.00

Critiques for Books:  $125.00

Some people request edits and critiques together. If a writer wants both, to me this says the writer is not completely confident his or her script is ready. So I  recommend getting the critique first. Use the critique to redo the script. Once the script is just right, then request the edit.

However, there are script writers who insist on having both an edit and critique together.  So I offer an edit and critique combo at discount.

Edit &Critique Combo Discount: $76.00   This is a discount savings of $30.00

All payments are received by Paypal. If you cannot make Paypal payments you may mail payments in the form of cashier checks or money orders. NO personal checks

If you are interested in my services feel free to contact me at

Phone: (360) 696-4298

There's nothing like a good deal.

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