Friday, December 5, 2014

Happy Friday, Everyone!

Here's is an interesting read for you.

6 Lessons Hemingway (& Others) Can Teach Us About Being a Writer
BrianKlemsBrian A. Klems
Online Editor
It's hard to imagine Ernest Hemingway sitting down at his desk every morning to tweet and blog before, say, diving into a new chapter of The Sun Also Rises. ... Or is it? While such a revered author seems as if he would have been far above joining the social media scrum of pet photos and one-liners about Miley Cyrus' latest antics, he did have a good handle (for a mid-20th-century guy) on what we now call "self-branding." Hemingway-and many other writers known as much for their personas as for their books-knew how to present the kind of image that makes a lasting impression. It's not a stretch to envision exactly what we'd see on @papahem's Instagram (pics of him and F. Scott Fitzgerald tying one on at a Gertrude Stein party, perhaps?). And his famously terse style would have made him an ace on Twitter.

Here are six lessons Hemingway and the other all-time greats can teach us about the modern concept of personal branding.  Read more...