Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A to B: TV Scripts: Free Downloads

Hello, Everyone!

Here I have something new for you, a list of TV scripts. TV scripts are slightly different from film scripts in structure and format, yet basically the same. If your interested in writing TV scripts feel free to read any of these.

I will be posting more TV scripts.

Learn Something new!

A Scripts
Accidentally On PurposeZen 134237script in pdf format
Across the River to Motor CityLeeThomsonscript in pdf format
ActionZen 134237script in pdf format
Actual InnocencescriptHollywood.comscript in pdf formatinfobook
Addams FamilyTheZen 134237script in pdf format
Afternoon PlayThe: The Good CitizenBBC Writers Roomscript in pdf
Alfred Hitchcock HourThe: The Magic ShopThe Daily Scriptscript in pdf formatimdb.comstuff
Alfred Hitchcock Presents (opening remarks)Dry Weavetranscript in html formatimdbvideodvd
AliasLeeThomsonscript in pdf format
Alien NationLeeThomsonscript in pdf format
Aliens In AmericaZen 134237script in pdf format
All Grown UpAll Grown Uptranscript in html formatimdbinfo
All My ChildrenAll My Children Transcriptsclosed caption transcript in html formatimdb
AlphasZen 134237script in pdf format
American GothicLeeThomsonscript in pdf format
Andy Barker PIZen 134237script in pdf format
Andy Griffith ShowThe - The Sermon For TodayThe Weekly Scriptscript in text formatvideodvd
AnimaniacsKeeper's Home Pagetranscript - lyrics in html formatimdb
AnimaniacsDrew's Script-O-Rametranscript in html formatimdb
Another WorldAnother World Transcriptsclosed captioning transcript in html formatimdb
Arrested DevelopmentDailyScriptscript in pdf formatimdb.comdvd
Ashes to AshesLeeThomsonscript in pdf format
AwkwardZen 134237script in pdf format
B Scripts
Babylon 5Nina & TJ's Babylon 5 Sectiontranscript in html formatimdbvideocd
BatmanLeeThomsonscript in pdf format
Batman The Animated Series - Mind GamesMichael Reaves' Home Pagescript in html formatimdbvideo
Batman The Animated Series - VigilMichael Reaves' Home Pagescript in html formatimdbvideo
Battlestar GalacticaLeeThomsonscript in pdf format
Battlestar Galactica (2004)Galactica TVscript in pdf formatimdb.comdvdcd
Battlestar Galactica (2004)Galactica TVscript in pdf formatimdb.comdvdcd
Battlestar Galactica: Saga of a Star WorldGalactica TVscript in pdf formatimdb.comdvdvideocdbook
Battlestar Galactica: The Hand of God (1978)The Universe of Lt Shebascript in html formatimdbvideodvdcdbook
Beast Wars: Equal MeasureSci Fi Scriptsscript in pdf format
Beast Wars: PilotSci Fi Scriptsscript in pdf format
Beast Wars: Tangled WebSci Fi Scriptsscript in pdf format
Beautiful LifeTheLeeThomsonscript in pdf format
Beauty and the BeastZen 134237script in pdf format
Beauty and the Beast: Night Must FallThe Official Website of Lee Goldbergscripts in pdf formatimdb
Being HumanLeeThomsonscript in pdf format
Being Human: series 1episode 1BBC Writer's Roomscript in pdf formatimdb.cominfo
Better With YouZen 134237script in pdf format
BewitchedThe Bewitched And Elizabeth Montgomery Web Sitescripts in html formatimdbvideo
Bewitched 187 - The Phrase Is FamiliarThe Weekly Scriptscript in text formatimdbvideo
Big Bang TheoryZen 134237script in pdf format
Big OParadigm Cityscripts in html format
Big ShotsLeeThomsonscript in pdf format
Biker Mice From MarsUnofficial Biker Mice From Mars Fan Clubtwo scripts in html formatimdbvideo
Bionic WomanLeeThomsonscript in pdf format
Birds Of PreyBirds of Prey Onlinetranscript in html formatimdb
Black Adder- The Cavalier YearsSup's Blackadder Pagetranscript in html formatimdbvideo
Black AdderTheDunsel's Black Adder Pagetranscript in html formatimdbvideo
Black DonnellysLeeThomsonscript in pdf format
Blackadder Goes FourthDunsel's Black Adder Pagetranscript in html formatimdbvideo
Blackadder IIDunsel's Black Adder Pagetranscript in html formatimdbvideo
Blackadder The ThirdDunsel's Black Adder Pagetranscript in html formatimdbvideo
Blackadder's Christmas CarolDunsel's Black Adder Pagetranscript in html formatimdbvideo
Blake's 7Judith Proctor's Blake's 7 pagetranscript in html formatimdb.comdvd
Blue BloodsZen 134237script in pdf format
Body of ProofLeeThomsonscript in pdf format
Body PoliticTheLeeThomsonscript in pdf format
Bold and the Beautiful: Epsidoe 9DailyScriptscript in pdf
Bonanza: Escape to PonderosaDailyScriptscript in pdf format
Bonanza: The Pressure GameDarren McGavin and Kathie Browne's Internet Web Pagescript in html formatimdbvideodvd
BonekickersLeeThomsonscript in pdf format
BorgiasTheZen 134237script in pdf format
Boston LegalBoston Legaltranscripts in html formatimdb.cominfo
Boy is BackTheBBC Writer's Roomscript in pdf format
Brak Show: First EpisodeTheSugar Shocktranscript in html formatimdb
Breaking BadLeeThomsonscript in pdf format
Breaking InZen 134237script in pdf format
Breakout KingsZen 134237script in pdf format
BrimstoneLeeThomsonscript in pdf format
Brimstone - PilotDaily Scriptscript in pdf
Brutally NormalLeeThomsonscript in pdf format
Buffy The Vampire 

SciFi Scriptstranscript in doc formatimdbvideo