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Free Teleconference: How To Get An Agent

Teleconference: "How To Get An Agent "

If you want an agent or manager,
you need to know the
rules of that business relationship.

You need to know the rules, the reality, and the roadmap that will get you in the door and to the point of being a represented writer.
          "This call changed my whole vision, plan, and focus."
            Audrey Jacobs
In this 90 minute teleconference, you'll learn...


  • Strategies that came from over 100 interviews with agents and managers.
  • The fundamentals of landing an Agent or Manager.
  • The four mistakes everyone advises writers to make with agents!


  • The Rules of Engagement with Agents
  • How to be a Great Client


  • 8 Strategies for Landing a Manager or Agent.
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How To Promote Your Film To Producers & The Public

Never Stop Learning. Never Stop Networking.

Announcing Top 10 Tips for Networking Success
New Unlimited Video, Unlimited Music, and Additional Mailbox Storage
on the Web's Largest Film and Video Network

It's a fresh season and we've added to the global Film and Video Makers Networking Community additional mailbox storageunlimited video uploads, and unlimited music uploads, with an increase from 2MB to 8MB per song. You must be friends to send and receive emails from networkers. Part of the "pre-production" footwork in Networkingthrough this site is inviting and accepting friends requests. To help you, we've put together these Top 10 Tips for Networking Success. Build supp ort for your next video, tv, and web-series projects, or for your next film fundraising or kickstarter campaign. Keep your friends list and Network Profile Page updated and fresh, especially if you're looking for crew and productions to be a part of.

New Network Top 10 Tips for better results meeting film/video crew and talent, film financing, selling and support for your next video, tv, and web-series projects.

1. Post your production pictures

"A picture is worth a thousand words." Whether taken from the B-T-S photographer on your set, or self-portrait taken from your cellphone, show and share with the Network what you do best by posting your behind-the-scenes stills and photos of you and/or your crew at work.

2. If you need votes for a contest

Invite members of the network to watch and vote for your video contest entry. If you have a video demo reel, post it in the Video Section, so that viewers can see more of your great work beyond your contest video entry. If someone watched your video or demo reel, look for their videos and demo reels posted in the Network also, show your support, and post your encouraging words.

3. Post your kickstarter, indiegogo or rockethub campaigns here in the network and email me the link.

With your projects' clocks ticking and count-down calendar numbers changing quickly, help your projects by posting them here in the Network. Who knows - our editorial staff might pick your project for a special news byte or enewsletter.

4. Sell your used equipment in the Market Place Section

Tens of thousands of film and video makers here in the Network, plus our Twitter followers, which is approaching 40,000 followers, are looking to buy used equipment and gear. You might have something they've been looking for, and they want it used-not-new to save money, re-sell, or to use-and-swap later. Like a special zoom lens, monitor, DSLR rig, or ProHD camcorder. With different projects and productions requiring different needs for equipment and gear, and with technologies always changing and upgrading, it's common practice and acceptable to buy and sell used equipment and gear. Many independent production companies have added rental divisions to services they offer and seek used or "like new" gear for their rental divisions.

5. Post your film or video Event listing in the Events Section

Did you ever host a film or video event and wonder why not so many people showed up? Your topic was cutting-edge, your speaker was an industry leader, and your location was a hot spot, but you didn't get as many people as you expected. Why? With so many news and events competing for attention on the internet, posting your event on one or two websites just isn't enough. You need to post your Event, (and post it early) on ourEvents Section. Get your Events and event deadlines in front of the right audience - students, indies, and professionals in the film, video, and motion picture industry.

6. Offer your skills, services, and expertise. 

To successfully get work flowing to your desk and hands, use your Network Profile Pageto post your bio, resume, past projects, current projects, and project wish list. For those of you who are composers, or have composer friends in the Network, we have upgraded the Music Section here in the Network. You now have unlimited music uploads, with an increase from 2MB to 8MB per song, and you can have up to 20 songs displaying on yourprofile.

7. Need crew or talent?

There are thousands of active film and video makers, shooters, cinematographers, videographers, editors, composers, directors, lighting crew, producers, VFX specialists, animators, screenwriters, actors and actresses across the United States, as well as in countries and continents outside the U.S. -- plus our Twitter followers, which is approaching 40,000 followers -- who are not only ready, motivated, and excited to be a part of your project or production, but they've surely got the skills and the talent. If you're looking for crew or talent, post your Jobs, Help Wanted, and Calls for Crew on yourNetworking Profile Page, in the Classifieds Section, and in the Network's Front Wall / Activity Feed.

8. Drive Network members to your Film Premieres and Screenings.

Whether your film premiere or screening is at a big festival like Sundance, or you're holding a private screening to get feedback from industry pros, as well as create buzz and get good press from media and publications, post your Film Premiere and Film Screening news bytes and blurbs on your Network Profile Page and Blog Section, in the Events Section, and Front Wall / Activity Feed. Our editorial staff members are in the Network daily looking for film and video makers to feature and spotlight. Who knows - your story might even make the Cover of StudentFilmmakers Magazine. Many members from the Network have been featured in the magazine and even made it to the Front Cover Story. And when you get good media and press in the form of features, articles, and spotlights, always remember to add this goodness to your Resume, CV, your film's official website, your EPK and press packages, and in your Network Profile Page to continue building and growing your network and networking opportunities.

9. Conduct your research beyond the Network.

When you find people that you want to work with in the Network, always remember to do your due diligence and research people, organizations, and companies using more than one resource. This is one of the reasons why the more information you post on yourNetwork Profile Page, the better - such as your bio, resume, CV, links to your films' websites, and other networks, like IMDB, facebook, and twitter, etc... You might have been published in film industry newspapers or magazines, or you might have garnered awards ranging from small festival awards to Emmy awards. Networking 101: While you earned the bragging rights, posting your work and accolades isn't bragging, so don't be shy to share it. People who want to network and work with you are looking for key elements such as experience and credibility. They can't read mi nds, nor can they read a blank Network Profile Page.

10. "Never Stop Networking." 

If you're not a tech geek, and if working with social networks and the internet comes quite difficult for you, don't despair. Keep positive. Keep practicing. This is free networking. There's no cost to you. Before the World Wide Web was released to the public, and before the Internet was in the mainstream consciousness, do you remember when so many doors, opportunities, and networks seemed closed, if not completely locked with bullet proof chains? Then don't think of internet and digital Networking as a job or a chore. Have fun with it. Again, watch other networkers videos, listen to their music, and read their blog entries. Connect with real people and use the Network as a great way to learn and keep inspired and reminded about your true passion for moviemaking and storytelling.

All the Best,
Kim E. Welch
1123 Broadway, Suite 307
New York, NY 10010
Phone: 212.255.5454

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Logline Service
I have been getting a lot of request for loglines. I give different prices . Since I have so many requests for this service, I decided to set a single fix price.

Logline: $5.00 Flat Fee

A synopsis or summery is required. It well be used to form the logline. The logline is just one line.


Critique: $50.00 Flat Fee, 

 Includes evaluating the basis elements of a script
  •  Introduction
  •  Development
  •  Climax
  •  Conclusion
  • Character development 
  •  Mid point development
Critiques also provide suggestions for improvements and enhancement. 

Payments are made by Paypal or cashier check by mail.

Other services are at regular price.

Query Letters: $25.00 Flat Fee  

Editing: $45.00 Flat Fee
  •  Evaluating formatting to industry standards
  •  Spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, etc.
Turnaround time:
Editing: 2 weeks
Critique: 2 weeks
Query Letters: 2 weeks

Feel free to contact me at or
Feel to call me at (360) 696-4298. Ask for Frances.

I also critique and edit books. I am currently organizing the service prices for working on books. If you are interested in me critiquing or editing a novel you have written, feel free contact me.
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