Tuesday, March 29, 2016

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Quick Look at Writing & Selling a TV Pilot
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For this week's screenwriting tip we revisit advice screenwriter Stephany Folsom shared about writing TV pilots.

If you're trying to break into television writing, don't miss Tom Benedek's webinar on Wednesday, March 30th on The Television Plunge: Create a Great Half Hour Cable/Streaming Comedy Pilot. You do not have to attend the live event to get a recording of the presentation.


by Stephany Folsom

From the beginning of summer to the start of fall is when the networks decide whether or not they are going to buy the pilot you wrote. It's the start of television development season, so it seems like the perfect time to talk about writing and (hopefully) selling a TV pilot.

Many writers these days are frustrated with the limited opportunities in the feature business so they are transitioning into television. Don't get me wrong, television writing is fun and amazing, but don't jump in without a full grasp of what's involved in getting something on the air. There's no such thing as an easy paycheck. Hopefully, I can arm you with a little TV writing knowledge so you can manage your expectations, know what you're up against and boldly go forward to write and sell your first pilot.

Read Stephany's tips on writing a TV pilot... 
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Pixar's Emotional Core: Character Development Intensive

Wanna take a lesson in screen writing from Pixar?

Pixar's Emotional Core: Character Development Intensive

Every great film causes the viewer to want go on an emotional journey with your
 characters. Pixar's amazing track record has shown that they have been consistently
successful in tapping into the essential qualities that can make audiences care about
their characters and stories. UCLA screenwriting instructor and author Karl Iglesias will
 take your writing to the next level, using an in-depth analysis of Pixar's master storytelling
 and character-building techniques.

In this week-long intensive, you'll first watch and discuss (via discussion boards) a three-part
 video lecture exploring the way Pixar has harnessed the essential ingredients of quality
storytelling and great character development to form the strong emotional core of some of
 the most successful movies of the last 20 years. Then, you'll apply those ingredients to
 creating a synopsis of your main character for critique to ensure that your main character
has the qualities that would make your audience want to follow his or her journey.

Take your storytelling and character-building to the next level!

This course is open to anyone interested in Pixar's Emotional Core: Character Development
 Intensive. Karl Iglesias will be available to answer all of your questions. No question goes
 unanswered! See syllabus here »

What you'll learn:

The one and only storytelling rule that can never be broken
How to find the emotional core of your story, as well as the plot's engine
The four elements that create a strong emotional connection with your characters
The three essential throughlines in a story including the one most writers ignore
How to make sure the stakes in your story are truly emotional
Join Best-Selling Author Karl Iglesias!
Karl Iglesias

Karl Iglesias
Karl Iglesias teaches at the UCLA Extension Writers' Program,
 where he's been awarded Outstanding Instructor for 2010. He
 is the best-selling author of THE 101 HABITS OF HIGHLY
 EMOTIONAL IMPACT. He also contributed chapters to

A graduate of Cornell University, he has worked as a script
analyst and development executive for various production
 companies. As a script consultant passionate about great
storytelling, he specializes in reader emotional response.
He can be reached through his website atwww.karliglesias.com.

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