Saturday, March 17, 2012

Tutorial: How To Write a Children's Book

For those of you that might question whether or not writing a children's book is something you can do . . . I'd like to be the first to ease that uncertainty and say YES—if this is something of interest to you—you CAN do it!

If you are looking for anything from the basics to detailed query letter tips—this week's featured tutorial will provide all of that—and some—to you!

You Can Write Children's Books ALSO includes a very unique, helpful element . . . you'll hear and see the first page of numerous manuscripts critiqued!

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Julie Oblander
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Featured Tutorial: You Can Write Children's Books
Ready to take the mystery out of children's writing? This tutorial covers the children's market in a very understandable and relatable way. You'll learn everything from the basics on getting started to essential query letter details and tips.

This tutorial was recorded in front of a live audience. You'll hear Alice Pope give live critiques of numerous first page manuscript submissions!

Presenter Alice Pope has edited for Children's Book Writers and Illustrators for over 15 years. She regularly presents at conferences, and worked very closely with numerous Market Book titles.

This 54-minute tutorial video will teach you: 
  • How to get started—what you need to know, including networking tips
  • Learn whether or not you need an agent
  • Gather details about editing your work
  • Learn how to avoid scammers
  • How to submit to an editor
  • How to submit to an agent
  • Discover essential query letter details and tips
  • How to analyze your manuscript's first page

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