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Two Latest Agents Seeking New Writers

These two literary agents below have all been interviewed or profiled on the GLA Blog in the past 2 weeks. Check out their mini-profiles by clicking on their links below, and see if they are a good fit for a query.

1. Peter Knapp of Park Literary Group

He is seeking: He is building his client list with a focus on middle grade and young adult fiction, as well as suspense and thrillers for all ages. He does not represent picture books or nonfiction.

2. Fiona Kenshole of Transatlantic Agency

She is seeking: "I am looking for all kidlit categories from picture book to YA. I've been a publisher in all these areas and my enthusiasm for all categories continues! For picture books, I'm especially interested in talented author/illustrators. In middle grade and chapter books, I like stories that make me laugh, or real children in magical circumstances (Savvy by Ingrid Law) and I love animal stories; In YA, above all else I look for a captivating and distinctive voice. I'm also happy to look at both literary and commercial fiction. I love a great piece of chick lit. I'm not looking for rhyming picture book texts, poetry, faith-based stories, or vampires, paranormal or sword-and-sorcery fantasy."
5 Simple Steps to Completing a First Draft

Writer Peter Stenson, author of the 2013 novel FIEND, recently penned a guest column for the GLA Blog all about how to crank out a first draft in 3 months using very simple steps. It's a fun column that gets back to basics. See the entire piece online, or read an excerpt below.

2) Have Expectations for a Rough Draft. Sure, I'd like to be that one-in-a-million jerk who sits down and spews magic from his fingertips in the form of perfect drafts. But I'm not. And chances are, neither are you. But that's okay. That's reality. And realizing this is all sorts of liberating. A rough draft is meant to be exactly that, rough. It is where you figure out what the heck you are even writing about, what your characters yearn for, what voice, tense, POV, and narrative distance best captures the story you're telling. Allow yourself to be unsure. Allow yourself to make mistakes.

4) Keeping a Notebook. 
There's a reason the majority of writers carry one around (and why you should too): it helps. You never know when a certain image will strike you as somehow significant. When a certain line of eavesdropped dialogue between two teenagers on the bus about how they hate their big toes will unlock your character. When a car driving by with a plastic crow glued to its hood will suddenly clear up a muddled plot point. Write these things down. It doesn't matter if they make sense or not. So much of writing fiction is about focusing on the correct authenticating detail, and the world is chalk-full of such details. Pay attention. Jot them down. If nothing else, this practice will pay the twofold dividends of sharpening your powers of perception, while also keeping your writing project at the forefront of your mind.

Read Peter's entire column online. 
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