Friday, August 29, 2014

Summer is all most over. It hasn't been so bad. In my part of the world the weather as been mild, which is good because I don't like 90 + temperatures.

If anything exciting or boring happened to you write it up in a story. Thank you for sticking with me through the summer. I look forward to working with you and providing information to you this fall.

Remember my motto: Rewrite over and over until you get the story just right!

Free Film Script Writing Lessons

Hello, readers!

Today I get something great for you!

I got an email telling of a free teleconference for writers.

check it out and register now!



Limited Space - Register Soon!

Participate in a unique presentation with the master of Story.
 Robert McKee will be making himself available to you to
 answer all of your Story-related questions. It will be 
interactive, open-minded, and an incredible learning
 experience. Take advantage of this rare opportunity 
to pick the brain of the truest of experts and spend
 time focusing on the most important aspect of the
 entertainment industry - Story.

"Story" is such a vague word for an incredibly 
complex idea. What makes a compelling story? How do the intricacies of a 
story entertain? Have you ever wanted to ask these questions, but felt 
intimated? This teleconference is your chance to not only learn from the best,
 but to ask the best...despite you feeling like Charlie Kaufman from "Adaptation". ;)

Ask a question when you register or save it until the day of the call. It's up to you!

DATE: September 13, 2014

TIME: 10:30 am - 11:30 am


Your call-in details will be emailed to you when you register.

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