Thursday, April 2, 2015

Science Fiction & Fantasy Online Writing Conference April 11-12 ; All Writers Welcome!

Dear Readers,

On April 11-12 the Writer's Digest is hosting an online Science Fiction &Fantasy writing conference. The conference will be all about developing the elements needed in creating stories for these genres. I highly recommend signing up. The Fantasy and SiFi genre are the most popular in the literary market.

eating is Limited - April 11-12!
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Join Us for Writer's Digest University's First Ever
Science Fiction & Fantasy Online Writing Conference

Limited Seating Available - April 11-12 - Reserve Your Spot Today


Catherine Luttinger
Marisa Corvisiero
Cate Hart
Mark Gottlieb
Leon Husock
Jeff Gerke
Elizabeth Bear
Steven Harper Piziks
Philip Athans
Michael J. Sullivan
N. K. Jemisin
Register today to receive:
SIX all-new, one-hour webinar presentations provided by award-winning and bestselling science fiction and fantasy authors*, all examining different aspects of writing novels in these genres. Each session will include an opportunity for live Q&A with the authors!
A critique (with written feedback) of your query letter from an agent with experience in the science fiction and fantasy genres.
A bonus 90-minute On Demand webinar covering how to write a query letter so you're prepared when pitching your novel to agents. (A $79.99 value!)
The ability to network with fellow science fiction and fantasy writers via discussion boards that will be open throughout the weekend. Share ideas, and even your work if you choose.
Unlimited OnDemand viewing! All conference sessions will be made available for download in the week following the live presentations. Even if you can't attend every session live, you will be able to view each lecture on your own whenever you choose.
Conference Schedule:
SESSION 1: You've Never Been Here Before: Effectively Drawing Readers into Your Story World
Instructor: Jeff Gerke

SESSION 2: Not Your Grandmother's Speculative Fiction: Writing Convincing Societal Change in Science Fiction and Fantasy 
Instructor: Elizabeth Bear

SESSION 3: The Theme's the Thing
Instructor: Steven Harper Piziks

SESSION 4: Writing Monsters: How to Make Your Imaginary Creatures Extraordinarily Real 
Instructor: Philip Athans

SESSION 5: Writing a Series: Challenges and Opportunities 
Instructor: Michael J. Sullivan

New Session Announced! SESSION 6: Growing Your Iceberg: Crafting a Secondary World That Feels Ancient in 60 Minutes
Instructor: N. K. Jemisin



SESSION 6: Growing Your Iceberg: Crafting a Secondary World That Feels Ancient in 60 Minutes
Instructor: N. K. Jemisin | 5:00 PM EDT

A common adage is that writers should show only ten percent of their worldbuilding -- but the other ninety percent has to be there, solid as an iceberg, in order for the world to feel "lived in". In this workshop, award-winning fantasy author N. K. Jemisin will guide you through the process of creating the planet, politics, and people of a complete and original secondary world, using principles that you can easily apply to creating your own.


JN. K. Jemisin is a Brooklyn author whose works have been nominated for the Hugo, the World Fantasy Award, and the Nebula, and have won the Locus Award. Her new novel THE FIFTH SEASON comes out from Orbit in August 2015. Her website is