Sunday, August 3, 2014

2015 Hollywood Screenwriting Directory is here!

Hello, readers.

It is  time  for the latest Hollywood Screenwriting Directory. I recommend you to buy it if you are a new writer with no contacts.

Now $29.99 | Was $49.95  40% Savings!

Breaking into the screenwriting industry is tough. We've been in the industry for over 30 years making 2,500 verified contacts for YOU. We've built relationships in Hollywood and we want to share them with you in this updated and revised digital guide to breaking into the industry.

For the first time ever, we're offering this crucial guide in a convenient digital format. Now, you can easily access contacts on your iPad or mobile device where ever you are.

Sell Your Script with a Click of Your Mouse!

Bonus Guides Cover: Legal issues, script formatting, query letters, treatments, and more!

Each Contact Features: Phone numbers, email addresses, office locations, types of materials they accept, and preferences on unsolicited materials

As an added bonus you will receive a 90-day subscription to the online edition of the Hollywood Screenwriting Directory!


If you need help with editing or critiquing your script, feel free to try my services.
Treatments : $ 48.00 (2 - 3 pages; for scripts)

Edits/Proofread:  $48.00  (proofread for scripts)

Critique :  $58.00 ( for scripts)

Query Letters :  $28.00 (scripts/books): 

Synopsis :  $38.00 (script/books): 

Edits/ Proofread for Books:  $90.00

Critiques for Books:  $125.00

Are you writing a Short Story?  Now  I offer service for Short story writers as for the other services, the fees are flat.

Edits / Proofread for Short Stories: $30.00

Critiques for Short Stories: $30.00

( If you are not able to pay in full, the payment for any service can be made on installment - divided in half. If you would like to use my service, let me know whether you need  to pay on installment or can pay in full. I am willing to be flexible.)

Some people request edits and critiques together. If a writer wants both, to me this says the writer is not completely confident his or her script is ready. So I  recommend getting the critique first. Use the critique to redo the script. Once the script is just right, then request the edit.

However, there are script, screenplay, writers who insist on having both an edit and critique together.  So I offer an edit and critique combo at discount.

Edit &Critique Combo Discount: $66.00   This is a discount savings of $40.00

All payments are received by Paypal. If you cannot make Paypal payments you may mail payments in the form of cashier checks or money orders. NO personal checks

If you are interested in my services feel free to contact me at

Phone: (360) 696-4298

There's nothing like a good deal.

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