Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Hello, Readers!

Happy September!  I want to start off by directing you to an article from Writers Digest titled :

HOW TO BE A WRITER LITERARY AGENTS WANT —by Literary Agent Kimiko Nakamura

The part of the article that I want you to pay attention to the most is the section on 




They were written from the point of view of an actual literary agent. The two sections discuss the exact same things I tell writers. However, if you read what I have said coming from an agent, you may take the advice seriously.  

To read the article:

Literary agent Kimiko Nakamura breaks down five things you can do as a writer to put yourself in the best position to impress (and land) a literary agent:

All agents, admittedly or not, have a wish list-markers that help us determine which writers are primed for our representation. With hundreds of projects flooding our inboxes daily, writers who follow these simple guidelines can catch the eye of an agent and rise like a lotus blossom out of the slush pile. Here's how to do it.  Read more...