Tuesday, May 27, 2014

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I got some articles here for you to read. They came in an email today from Script magazine.

Behind the Lines with DR: Criticism and the Dangerous Game
Doug Richardson is a big proponent of criticism, be it constructive or merely loud and

 obnoxious, but I only include the latter in the way a sword maker uses the hammer.br /> Click to Continue

The Selling Your Screenplay Podcast: An Interview

With ScreenCraft.org co-founder John Rhodes
Ashely Scott Meyers talks with John Rhodes, co-founder of ScreenCraft.org, who

worked in development for several years.
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Going to a Pitching Event? Get Our FREE Pitchfest Checklist

Many writers are leery of pitching events, worried they are merely a way for companies

to take advantage of vulnerable writers. Pitchfests have an outstanding value for writers.
But being prepared before you go is the key to your success. Learn 7 Reasons Why
Pitchfests are Beneficial and get your FREE Pitchfest Checklist so you are prepared for success!
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Screenwriters University:
Classes are through an online platform that you can access anytime.
There are weekly assignments to keep up with, but for the most part, you
can follow at your own pace.

Screenwriting Webinars

How to Structure a Screenplay – In Defense of “Formula”
Multiple Emmy Award-winning screenwriter Erik Bork (Band of Brothers) defends

SAVE THE CAT and other story "paradigms" as helpful tools, but not panaceas.
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Specs & The City: The Threshold Guardian Archetype and

‘The Princess Bride’
Brad Johnson explores how the archetype of the Threshold Guardian impacts

 your story, and how you can utilize this archetype to create a more engaging
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5 Reasons Screenplay Story Structure is Important and

 FREE Story Structure Tips Download
Whether you write a story or a screenplay, it’s always advisable to work out

the plot ahead of time so you can discover the best way of telling it to not
only appease the reader, but also to engage your audience. Write a story
 that wins over your audience with our FREE story structure guidance from
 the experts.
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Improvising Screenplays: Writing Screenplays from

 the Height of Your Intelligence
Improvisational actor Brett Wean reveals how respecting the audience's

intelligence can help you write more dramatic, suspenseful screenplays that sell.
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Creating Characters: The Behavioral Paradox
Behavioral Paradox Theory ensures your hero is complex and interesting.

It ensures your hero feels human because the concept is seeded in human
 nature. Guest blogger Benjamin Broomfield explains.
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Jeanne’s Tuesday Screenwriting Tips: 7 Reasons to

Shut Up & Listen
In Jeanne's Screenwriting Tips, she speaks about the importance of

listening. In a world that thrives on collaboration, having great listening
skills is essential to your career and your writing.
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Write Your Feature Film in 6 weeks
The world of the feature film is booming and you are gushing with ideas.

 Screenwriters University's Write Your Feature Script in Six Weeks will give
 you the tools to get the ideas out of your head and into a completed screenplay
 by introducing you to the methods that professional screenwriters use to write
 under deadlines. Don't waste your time with wrong turns that could eat up weeks
or months. The expert guidance offered in this course will help you see the big
 picture of your story even while you are deep in the trenches of writing. By the
 end of this workshop, you will have a first draft of a feature length screenplay.
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Learn How to Create Dynamic Characters Actors Want to

Play With Our FREE Webinar!
To increase your odds of getting produced, you need to attract top talent who

will put an audience in the seats. Creating characters that actors want to play
 is a must. In our FREE Creating Dynamic Characters Webinar, you’ll learn how
 to create and develop characters from screenwriter and Editor of Script Magazine,
 Jeanne Veillette Bowerman.
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Get Your FREE Screenwriting Downloads
As our gift to our loyal readers, ScriptMag is giving away

 FREE Screenwriting Downloads! Check back often, as we
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The filmmaking industry has a certain expectation of not only how

 a script for a movie or TV show is written but also of how to market
 your script and yourself. In our FREE downloads, you’ll receive expert
 advice on how to create a logline, how to structure an outline, TV writing,
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Here is the list of my fees again. Some one sent an email stating the website did not show my fees. So at the end of every blog post I'll show my fees.

Edits:  $48.00  (proofread for scripts)

Critique :  $58.00 ( for scripts)

Query Letters :  $28.00 (scripts/books):

Synopsis :  $38.00 (script/books):

Edits for Books:  $90.00

Critiques for Books:  $125.00

Some people request edits and critiques together. If a writer wants both, to me this says the writer is not completely confident his or her script is ready. So I  recommend getting the critique first. Use the critique to redo the script. Once the script is just right, then request the edit.

However, there are script writers who insist on having both an edit and critique together.  So I offer an edit and critique combo at discount.

Edit &Critique Combo Discount: $76.00   This is a discount savings of $30.00

All payments are received by Paypal. If you cannot make Paypal payments you may mail payments in the form of cashier checks or money orders. NO personal checks

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There's nothing like a good deal.

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