Tuesday, December 4, 2018

CASTLE ROCK BOOKS, An Online Bookstore Wants To Sell Your Book

Castle Rock Books

An Equal Opportunity to Succeed
Showcasing New Authors With Well Know Literary Giants  

     My name is Frances Beckham. I am the founder of Castle Rock Books, an online independent bookstore.

     Castle Rock Books is a new online bookstore. The website is complete and ready to launch, the only hold back is the selves are empty.  I am currently gathering books under the following categories to feature in the online store.
Children Picture Books

Middle Grade – Fantasy                                
Middle Grade – Scary Stories
Middle Grade – School Life                          
Middle Grade – Family/Friends/Life;
Middle Grade – Magical Realm                    
Middle Grade – Nonfiction
Middle Grade – Mystery                               
Middle Grade – Science Fiction
Middle Grade – Adventure                           
Middle Grade – Monsters
Middle Grade – Witches/Wizards                 
Middle Grade – Vampires
Middle Grade – Zombies                               
Middle Grade – Haunted Houses
Middle Grade – Graphic Novels
Young Adult – Fantasy                                 
Young Adult – Scary Stories
Young Adult – School Life                           
Young Adult – Family/Friends/Life
Young Adult – Magical Realm                      
Young Adult – Nonfiction
Young Adult – Mystery/Thriller                    
Young Adult – Science Fiction
Young Adult – Adventure                            
Young Adult – Monsters
Young Adult – Witches/Wizards                  
Young Adult – Vampires

Young Adult – Zombies                                
Young Adult – Haunted Houses
Young Adult – Romance                               
Young Adult – Graphic Novels

Japanese – Mystery/Thriller                           
Japanese – Manga

Adult – Fantasy                                             
Adult – Scary Stories
Adult – School Life                                       
Adult – Family/Friends/Life
Adult – Magical Realm                                  
Adult – Nonfiction
Adult – Mystery/Thriller                                
Adult – Science Fiction
Adult – Adventure                                        
Adult – Monsters
Adult – Witches/Wizards                              
Adult – Vampires
Adult – Zombies                                            
Adult – Haunted Houses
Adult – Romance                                           
Adult – Crime
Adult – War

LGBT – Fiction                                             
LGBT – Nonfiction

Historical – Fiction                                        
Historical – Horror
Historical – Magical Realm                            
Historical – Fantasy

Religion – Christian                                       
Religion – Jewish
Religion – Islam/Muslim                                
Religion – Hindu
Religion – Other


Cookbooks – Soul Food                                
Cookbooks – Gourmet
Cookbooks – Baking                                     
Cookbooks – Asian
Cookbooks – European                                  
Cookbooks – Diabetic

Health & Wellness



Travel Tips                                                     
Travel – United States
Travel – South America                                 
Travel – Africa
Travel – Asia                                                  
Travel – Europe
Travel – Canada                                             
Travel – Mexico
Travel – Central America

     One of Castle Rock Books’ unique missions is to sell books from publishers’ site. Books will be featured on Castle Rock Books website just like on any other online bookstore, such as Barnes & Nobles, Amazon, and Book Depository. The unique difference occurs when a customer clicks the PURCHASE FROM PUBLISHER button when deciding to buy a book. After clicking the PURCHASE FROM PUBLISHER button a new window will open, which would be the publisher’s sale purchase webpage for the book. The customer would purchase the book directly from its publisher.

     The publisher and its authors benefit. There are no additional middle costs, such as insurance, damage risk, shipment cost, nor lost or damaged goods which are cost resulting from third party inventory. The only cost to the publisher is a flat reasonable annual fee. No percentage of book sales is charged because customers will be directed to buying books directly from publishers. The author would benefit because his/her royalty amount would increase due to the lack of middle costs.

     Castle Rock Books recognizes that many authors publish through Amazon. When this is the case the PURCHASE button would lead the customer to the book’s sells page at Amazon, Book Depository, Barnes &Nobles or whichever.

     Castle Rock Books also recognize that all publishers do not maintain a store that will sell individual copies, unless autographed or in large quantities. Single book sells are only made through bookstores in such instances. When this is the case the PURCHASE button would lead the customer to the book’s sells page on Amazon, Book Depository, Barnes & Nobles or whichever. Amazon and Barnes & Nobles also list alternative sellers for books on their purchase pages.

Castle Rock Books doesn’t want to impede sales. We want books to be available for sell by any means.

     Castle Rock Books also wants to help authors build their fan base. On a books purchase page, in addition to a picture of the book’s cover and brief summary, there will be a list of other books by its author; the author’s website; twitter; and Facebook links.

     Just like in any bookstore or online bookstore, there will be a constant rotation of authors and their book(s) on the HOME page and AUTHOR’S SHOWCASE page. All authors will get this treatment equally.

     Authors can also request a special store showcasing at no extra cost. This can help new and lessor known authors attract attention. Special request can be made by email to Castle Rock Books.

     All authors and their book(s) are welcomed to Castle Rock Books. If your book doesn’t fit under any category we will make one.

     Another mission of Castle Rock Books is to treat all authors equally, whether they be well-known and popular, debutantes from the big publishing houses, or self-published unknowns.

     Unlike brick and mortar stores and other online stores, Castle Rock Books only charge an annual flat fee of $75.00 per author. NO PERCENTAGE OF SELLS. All the author pays is $75.00 per year to carry his/her book(s) on Castle Rock Books online bookstore.

     The fee stays the same regardless of how many books the author wants to sell on Castle Rock Books. If an author has one book the fee would be $75.00. If the author has 2, 18, 25 or even 50 books the annual fee would be $75.00. The publishing company would keep 100% of book sales and the author would earn a higher royalty because when a customer buys a book through Castle Rock Books he/she will be directed through the PURCHASE button to the publishers purchase page for the book.


     If an author agrees to sell their book(s) on Castle Rock Books, he/she will be asked to initially sign a two year contract. Contract terms state the author will sell his/her book(s) through Castle Rock Books paying $75.00 flat fee for the first year. $ 75.00 for a second year. At the end of the second year the contract ends. If the author wishes for Castle Rock Books to continue to list his/ her book(s), he /she will be asked to sign a new contract which would span just one year. The contract fee would be a flat fee of $75.00 annually. All following contracts will be annual. (Please note this does not restrict an author to sell his/ her book(s) only on Castle Rock Books. The author of course is free to sell his/her book(s) through any venue.)

     In closing Castle Rock Books invites authors to join and grow with our online independent bookstore. As stated in the beginning, I am gathering books under the listed categories to have in the online store. I would be happy to work with you, and appreciate carrying your bestsellers, not so bestsellers, and books from new and unknown authors.

     I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,
Frances Beckham, founder of Castle Rock Books

For all inquires contact:

Frances Beckham
12411 NE 19th Street
Vancouver WA 98694
United States

Email: ahicks4298@q.com

Phone (360) 696-4298 Monday – Friday 9:00AM PT to 3:00PM PT


Castle Rock Books
An Equal Opportunity to Succeed
Showcasing New Authors With Well Know Literary Giants  

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Alone on the Snowy Tundra

Alone on the snowy tundra.

What do you think of my picture? I call it ALONE ON THE SNOWY TUNDRA. I wonder could I sell it for--$100...$1,000,000...or...$5...what about $10?

I've discovered the PAINT program on my computer. I discovered that i can draw--sort of. I'm seriously considering adding illustrations to my children's books.

I just finished my promotional video for my children's book. Publishizers requires writer's to make a 2min promotional video for their book. I think I did a good job.

Next I've got to write up a summery for my book.

Let's ski!

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

I finished the final draft for my children's chapter book THE FLOWER BOY. I 'm going to try Publishizer to get it publish. I'll keep everyone posted to see how it goes.

Cross your your fingers. (X)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Back At Old HOuse

Hello, everyone!

Good news!

We're back in the house we moved out of! Isn't that funny. The landlord had taken the house off the market and had rented it to some Russians. well, the neighbors complained about them because they turned to garage into an auto shop, and they had tons of people over all the time, even late at night. They parked their cars in the street blocking driveways. The new tenants, the neighbors complained were also into drugs.

We had contacted the old landlord to ask did she have any houses coming up vacant because we had to move. She told us we could have our old house back because she had to evict the new tenants. And so here we are again.

I will say it is better being in our house than in an apartment.