Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Good Morning Readers!

Here's something I got in the mail- email - that can help in your script writing. In doing critiques for scripts with -- in drama, thriller, comedy-- I've noted that the character's relationships are weak. I've written pages of how to make them strong ad complex. If you have time and money check out the falling online webinar by David Freedman. He'll tell you much of what I say in critique and teach you even more. So check it out.

Romance and Chemistry Techniques: The Signature of a Great Writer

Monday, June 9th at 11:00 a.m. Pacific
Sale Price $59.99 

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Relationships are a key component of almost every script.
 Let world-renowned screenwriter, David Freeman teach
 you the skills you need to achieve complex relationships
 in your script.
You may envision complex relationships between the

friends, family members, and lovers in your script. But
is that complexity really shining through?

Don't miss this opportunity to study numerous specific

techniques from David Freeman that make the relationships
 between your characters interesting. Whether they involve
 romance or not -- make your character interactions be one
 of the most unforgettable aspects of your script. Make the
  audience believe that two people are destined to become
 lovers or friends. Simply having an "attraction" between two
people is probably the weakest way to start a romance.
There are MANY better techniques which you'll learn in this
  webinar. You'll learn techniques for making the audience
QUICKLY believe that two people are old friends or members
of the same family. These techniques involve deftly creating
credible, complex relationships.
What you'll learn:

  • Tools to create compelling relationships while still retaining
  •  your voice as a writer.
  • How to write layered, tangible characters.
  • Ways to make your scripts compete at the highest level.
This class is open to TV writers and movie writers of all levels
at any and all stages of development of their idea. If you want
to create gripping character relationships with a world class
instructor, you'll love this webinar. 
David Freeman

David Freeman is a screenwriter, and internationally sought screenwriting teacher. 

A long-standing member of the Writers Guild of America,

 he has sold and optioned scripts and ideas to Sony
 Pictures, Columbia Pictures, Paramount Pictures,
MGM, and other major film and television companies.
He works half time for News Corp developing
television dramas.

He has taught screenwriting and script development

 not just to writers around the world, but at Pixar,
 Disney, to many executives of the BBC, at various
film studios in China, and to many other film and
 television companies around the world.