Saturday, June 13, 2015

Pixar's Emotional Core: Character Development Intensive with Karl Iglesias

Here's something for you. Creating that emotional core. The emotional core can make a script. Following is a course that can help show you how to develop an emotional core in your script.

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Every great film causes the viewer to want go on an emotional journey with your characters.
 Pixar's amazing track record has shown that they have been consistently successful in 
tapping into the essential qualities that can make audiences care about their characters
 and stories. UCLA screenwriting instructor and author Karl Iglesias will take your writing 
to the next level, using an in-depth analysis of Pixar's master storytelling and character-building

In this week-long intensive, you'll first watch and discuss (via discussion boards) a three-part 
video lecture exploring the way Pixar has harnessed the essential ingredients of quality
 storytelling and great character development to form the strong emotional core of some of
 the most successful movies of the last 20 years. Then, you'll apply those ingredients to
 creating a synopsis of your main character for critique to ensure that your main character 
has the qualities that would make your audience want to follow his or her journey.
Course Starts Tomorrow!
Course Outline
Session One: Character Connection, The Three Pillars of the Emotional Core, Four ways to connect
Session Two: The Emotional Core Formula, How to Create Emotional Stakes, Finding a Worthy Motivation, Review of Emotional Core in Specific Pixar Films
Session Three: Finding Your Story's Engine, The Seven Basic Spines, Review and Closing Notes
Assignment: Submit a one-page (no more than 350 words) synopsis of your character for review
Who should take this course:
Writers who want to maximize the reader's emotional response to their stories
Writers who want to go beyond the basics of the craft
Writers who want to learn how Pixar creates masterful stories
Writers who want to take their writing to the next level
Writers who struggle with their rewrites
Writers who want direct feedback on how to improve their main character
You Will Learn:
The one and only storytelling rule that can never be broken
How to find the emotional core of your story, as well as the plot's engine
The four elements that create a strong emotional connection with your characters
The three essential throughlines in a story including the one most writers ignore
How to make sure the stakes in your story are truly emotional
The key to keeping the reader hooked until the end of your story
Whether your main character fits the mold of a character that audiences want to watch, and if not, how to get your character there.
Karl Iglesias


Karl Iglesias is the best-selling author of THE 101 HABITS OF HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL SCREENWRITERS, and WRITING FOR EMOTIONAL IMPACT. He also writes a regular column on the craft for CREATIVE SCREENWRITING magazine. 

A graduate of Cornell University, he has worked as a script analyst and development executive for various production companies. As a script consultant passionate about great storytelling, he specializes in reader emotional response.

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