Tuesday, June 27, 2017

WOMEN DON'T EXPIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I found this interesting video. I want to share it with you all. It is compelling and sends a strong message for all women of all races and ages.

Yoru no Tobari yo Sayonara full song Watamote

Here's a song from an anime made from a Manga I am following. I like the song although I don't understand a word of it.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

New Literary Agents 6/22/2017

Hello, Everyone!

Summer is here already.

Fight On! Don't Give Up!
I've been busy working on my office romance novel. I've completed the first part. Now I'm on part 2. The story is coming along good. I have a triangle going on. Too male executives are rivals, yet they are interested in a lower level female worker. They each have their own short comings. One of the males is a villain- he the one everyone likes and gets along with. The other male, who appears to be a jerk turns out to be a good guy. The female  has to deal with all her sisters and mother suddenly moving to town and moving in with her in her tiny apartment.

I won't give the plot. But this is a basic idea where the story is going. I am writing the novel without using any sex. So far the results are good. I have a really good feeling about this book.

Now for the rest of my post.

Following are details of 3 new literary agents. I got their info from a WRITER'S MARKET email I received this morning.

Gabrielle Piraino
DeFiore and Company
Gabrielle is a graduate of St. Bonaventure University with a dual-B.A. in Honors Classical Languages and English. After graduation, Gabbie earned her Masters of Science in Publishing at Pace University in Manhattan. She has previously worked for both major commercial publishing houses and literary agencies alike, including Farrar, Strauss & Giroux and AGI Vigliano. Gabbie joined DeFiore and Company in the summer of 2016.
She’s  seeking imaginative sci-fi/fantasy, horror, thrillers, and up-market chick lit for Adults and Young Adults alike. For Children’s and Middle Grade, she is looking for stories that introduce curious young readers to new concepts with compelling characters and an engaging voice (fiction and nonfiction).
Further, she’d happily review projects form author-illustrators in the comic/graphic novel arena. An avid personal baker/cook, Gabbie is pleased to accept queries for cookbook and crafty lifestyle projects, too.
Overall, Gabbie is searching for unique narrative voices (OwnVoices, when possible!), strong world-building, and spunky, stubborn characters that never do exactly what you’d expect.
- See more at: http://blog.writersmarket.com/whats-new/3-new-literary-agents?utm_source=newsletter&utm_campaign=wm-rlb-nl-170622&utm_content=951935_EDT_WM170622&utm_medium=email#sthash.cFg0peeD.dpuf

Blair Wilson
Park Literary & Media
Since graduating from Wesleyan University with a focus on literature and theory, Blair has fallen in love with the voices of new and emerging authors. Blair is actively building her client list in the areas of middle grade and young adult fiction, as well as kids and adult nonfiction with a focus on D.I.Y., lifestyle, pop culture, pets, and books dealing with issues of sexuality, identity, and culture.
In her spare time, Blair can be found teaching embroidery classes at the American Folk Art Museum, testing out a new cookbook, or settling in for a night of Hammer horror movies.
She’s actively looking for middle grade and young adult fiction, as well as MG, YA, and adult nonfiction.
In nonfiction, Blair is interested in narrative nonfiction, crafting/instructional, true crime, pop culture, lifestyle, sexuality & identity, design, and STEM topics.
- See more at: http://blog.writersmarket.com/whats-new/3-new-literary-agents?utm_source=newsletter&utm_campaign=wm-rlb-nl-170622&utm_content=951935_EDT_WM170622&utm_medium=email#sthash.cFg0peeD.dpuf

Connor Eck
Lucinda Literary LLC
Prior to finding a home at Lucinda Literary in 2016, Connor began his career at The Weinstein Company and then as a production assistant for CBS Television Studios. He majored in English at Union College, where he was quarterback and captain of the football team and wrote a screenplay for his thesis that became a finalist selection at the Woods Hole Film Festival.
Westchester, NY, born and bred, Connor makes the most of his daily commute, reading queries and editing manuscripts on the train, though he doesn’t quite fit in amongst the throng of bankers. When he is not reading or writing, he most enjoys playing with his dog, Cash, an Aussiedoodle with one blue eye.
In addition to working at Lucinda Literary, Connor is a freelance writer for golf.com, where you can catch him moderating live major championship blogs.
He is actively looking for middle grade, young adult, and adult fiction, as well as nonfiction. His interests are diverse, though he is particularly drawn to stories with emotional resonance and vivid characters. More than anything he is looking for authors with whom he can build lasting relationships.
- See more at: http://blog.writersmarket.com/whats-new/3-new-literary-agents?utm_source=newsletter&utm_campaign=wm-rlb-nl-170622&utm_content=951935_EDT_WM170622&utm_medium=email#sthash.cFg0peeD.dpuf