Wednesday, May 20, 2015

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Hello, everyone!

I've been busy lately. I finally finished my novel. Now I'm working on the next step, querying agents. I had written a query letter. and sent it off to a few agents. So far I've gotten rejection. I took some time to write a new query letter. When comparing it to the first letter, the second is much better.

I have the book GUIDE TO LITERARY AGENTS. It is full of agents. This is a great book to have. Using it is so much easier than spending hours on line searching for agents.

I'll keep everyone updated on my efforts in getting a literary agent.

Now for business.

Following are some articles from SCRIPT MAGAZINE I got from their email newsletter. Check them out.

SCRIPT NOTES: Major Character Types – "Mentor"
Characters are engines that drive ideas into a story. Each of the major character types plays a specific role in that process. Michael Tabb highlights THE MENTOR.
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THE CRAFT: Professional Screenwriters on Blocking Writer's Block
Stuart Perelmuter shares tips from professional writers, Eric Roth, Simon Kinberg and Stephen Susco, on how they beat writer's block.
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COLUMN D: Respect the Subplot
Subplots add depth and texture to your story. Drew Yanno explores the effective use of subplots in the movie 'Rear Window.'
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Essentials of Having an Active Protagonist + Exclusive FREE Download
Begin on this page by exploring the definition and essentials of having a strong protagonist, followed by a few examples. Then be sure you get your FREE download of 4 Crucial Questions for Your Protagonist to learn how to create an active protagonist to drive your story!
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SELLING YOUR SCREENPLAY: Screenwriter J. Mills Goodloe On 'The Age of Adaline' Starring Blake Lively & Harrison Ford
Ashley Scott Meyers talks with screenwriter J. Mills Goodloe about his new film, 'The Age of Adaline,' starring Blake Lively and Harrison Ford.
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ScriptMag Archives: SUBMISSIONS INSANITY: 6 Reasons Loglines Go Bad
ScriptMag looks back at older articles that still pack value for today's screenwriter. This week, let's revisit Lucy V. Hay's post with logline advice.
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The Multi-Hyphenate Hammad Zaidi
Meet Script's new podcast and YouTube co-host, writer and producer Hammad Zaidi. Hammad shares advice on writing, getting representation and distribution. Stay tuned for the launch of Development Hell and Back podcast!
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SCREENPLAY STRUCTURE: The Spine of the Screenplay
The first step of screenplay structure requires knowing the dramatic spine of your story. Susan Kouguell offers tips.
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Elevate Your Antagonist with Tips in Our FREE Download
Get your FREE download of 6 Tips for a Stand-Out Antagonist to learn how to create an compelling nemesis for your protagonist!
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As this goes to press, Chris Schiller should be on set in the midst of producing his short film. You should always have a plan B, and a plan C, ready before you set out.
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BEHIND THE LINES WITH DR: When Good Dialogue Goes Bad, Part 2
Just because a writer can write good dialogue doesn’t mean that, in the crux of the moment, they won't end up in handcuffs...
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