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From the Editor
I hope this week's newsletter finds you doing well. It's been a challenging past week for so many people I know. Since I cannot write about anyone else's personal challenges, I can only tell you about myself. Any of you that have furry little family members and are really attached will understand—we lost our kitty at far too young of an age over the weekend (unexpectedly, I might add). I tell you this little tidbit because it reminds me of the featured tutorial today.

If I were to dive into the whole story, drawing you in, taking you through those dreaded phone calls, and making you want to see the story through the to end—it would be right in line with what you'll learn from today's featured tutorial, An Agent's Tips on Story Structures that Sell. When we write, whether a memoir or a novel, we need to be able to structure our plot in a way that keeps anyone, especially a potential agent or editor, turning the page. The story needs to be intriguing—keeping readers on the edge of their seats, so to speak.

An Agent's Tips on Story Structures that Sell is taught by skilled literary agent Andrea Hurst. She also has over 25 years of experience as a published author and a developmental editor. Her client list includes emerging new voices and New York Times bestselling authors. 

Quick tangent—those of you that visited the WD YouTube channel last week and subscribed—THANK YOU! Very soon you'll see a contest where all of our subscribers will be eligible to win. If you didn't subscribe yet, please do! Details on the contest are coming soon!

Be looking for next week's newsletter where I'll highlight our newest tutorial. Please also feel free to preview the many tutorials available to you through the Writer's Digest Tutorials site!

Wishing you only the best!
Julie Oblander
Online Education Manager
Writer's Digest Tutorials

Featured Tutorial: An Agent's Tips on Story Structures that Sell
If you're serious about getting your novel or memoir published, or wondering why your manuscript is not getting the attention you desire, let instructor and literary agent Andrea Hurst show you how to structure a plot that will keep an agent turning the page.

In this tutorial, writers will have the opportunity to learn what agents and editors look for in a marketable novel or memoir—from an exciting beginning to a story's three acts.Once an agent determines an author has mastered the craft of writing, the next thing they look for is an intriguing plot. At agencies, it's often found that even the best writers may not be able to sustain a memorable plot. Andrea presents techniques that will help build your story, solve plot issues, and create a strong beginning, middle, and end. Get noticed, get read, and up your chances of getting sold.

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New Tutorial Series: 150 Ways to Make Your Book Successful
Last week I gave you a quick sneak peek, letting you know this new series was on its way . . . if you haven't already looked at this new series, I encourage you to!

About the new tutorial series: 

The most expensive part of publishing is a mistake. If you can avoid the most common traps into which unsuccessful authors fall, you significantly increase your chance of success. This three-part tutorial series describes the 150 most important things you need to know about book marketing.

Part 1 | 32-minute tutorial video | You'll discover:
  • Tips 1-50
  • The pros and cons of various ways of getting published
  • How to avoid the mistakes that all novice authors make
  • 50 things you can do to make it more likely you will succeed
  • Why book publishing is as simple as PIE
  • How to succeed using other people's money
  • The difference between working on your business vs. in your business—and how knowing the difference could be the critical aspect on your future
  • The nine guidelines for acting in a professionally, productively, and profitably  
Part 2 | 34-minute tutorial video | You'll discover:
  • Tips 51-100
  • How to write a title that screams, "you-have-to-buy-me!"
  • Why poorly written back-cover copy will destroy your sales—and how to correct it
  • Reasons why you may not need a distributor
  • A checklist for choosing the right distribution partners
  • How you can double the sales of your book to non-bookstore buyers
  • How to write and submit a proposal to distributors that will maximize your chances of getting accepted
  • How to double your profits by knowing the difference between the concepts of price and cost
  • How to price your book right—helping your publishing venture to succeed
{EDITOR'S NOTE: The Part 2 tutorial preview is my absolute favorite out of the three. It's well worth your time to at least watch the preview.}

Part 3 | 34-minute tutorial video | You'll discover:
  • Where and when to promote for maximum impact
  • How using social media incorrectly can minimize your chances of success
  • How to professionally persuade your prospects to buy more of your books
  • New ways to get more impact and sales from your promotion
  • Tips for writing publicity that brings you more exposure and reviews
  • When—and when not—to submit for reviews
  • Why and how award competitions can increase your sales
  • How to time your promotion with a special marketing period for a slingshot effect
Let this series be your GPS for becoming more profitable! 

Preview or learn more about 150 Way to Make Your Book Successful, Part 1Part 2, and Part 3 >

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A Sneak Peek: New Tutorials Coming Your Way
Last Friday, I finished recording the next series I'm bringing to you! (Yes, another three-part series!) You'll learn about pacing picture books with key verbal and visual tools! I'm working on post-production and it's coming soon . . . if you write children's books, you do not want to miss it! 

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