Monday, February 13, 2012

Japanese Pop: My Favorite Songs

Not long ago when some of my Japanese friends and I were discussing how Japanese anime has helped given world wide recognition to Japanese Pop music, they asked me some of the Jpop music I liked. I gave them a long list of artist and songs. They were surprised. Here are a couple songs I want to share with you. They are in Japanese, but the music is still beautiful.

"We Say Hello"- by Manami

"Change The World" - V6

"Every Little Thing" - by GRIP

'Rocks' from NARUTO by Hound Dog

This is a John Lennon song. It is one of my favorite of his songs. I just added it for you fellow John Lennon fans.
"Imagine" - by John Lennon

This is not a Jpop song, but it is a favorite of my Japanese friends.

"I will Always Love You"

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