Thursday, March 22, 2012

Free Class: How To Get An Agent

This was sent to me in an email. I advise you, if you have written a screenplay and want an agent, to sign up for this free tele- class. 


If you want an agent or manager, you need to know the rules of that business relationship.

This call will give you the rules, the reality, and the roadmap that will get you in the door and to the point of being a represented writer.
          "This call changed my whole vision, plan, and focus."
            Audrey Jacobs
In this 90 minute teleconference, you'll learn...


  • Strategies that came from over 100 interviews with agents and managers.
  • The fundamentals of landing an Agent or Manager.
  • The four mistakes everyone advises writers to make with agents!


  • The Rules of Engagement with Agents
  • How to be a Great Client


  • 8 Strategies for Landing a Manager or Agent.

What do writers say about this call?

"Really loved the 'practical' tips on obtaining and working with an agent/manager.  Rules of Engagement and the Eight Strategies were the best.  Filled with excellent, practical tips on not just obtaining an agent/manager, but how to work with them."
--Chris Mueller
"I loved the step-by-step process of you leading another screenwriter through to achieving his goal of representation."
--Marla Hayes

Limited to 100 callers

PRICE: Nothing...*except the long distance fees you pay to your own phone company. (Usually around $5 - $8)
TIME: Saturday, March 24 th, 2012 at 2pm Pacific

Sign Up for the Conference

Go forward and win!

If you need help with formatting your script, try my editing service for screenplays.

Editing: $45.00 Flat Fee

  •  Evaluating formatting to industry standards
  •  Spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, etc.

Critique: $50.00 Flat Fee
 Includes evaluating the basis elements of a script

  •  Introduction
  •  Development
  •  Climax
  •  Conclusion
  • Character development 
  •  Mid point development

Critiques also provide suggestions for improvements and enhancement. 

Payments are made by Paypal or cashier check by mail.

Feel free to contact me at or call at (360) 696-4298. address or ask for Frances.

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