Monday, April 2, 2012

Screenwriting Service: Proofreading & Critique Spring Discount

Go forward and win!

Through the month of April and May get a 15% discount on Critiques


Critique: $50.00 Flat Fee, Discount fee $42.50
 Includes evaluating the basis elements of a script

  •  Introduction
  •  Development
  •  Climax
  •  Conclusion
  • Character development 
  •  Mid point development

Critiques also provide suggestions for improvements and enhancement. 

Payments are made by Paypal or cashier check by mail.

Other services are regular price.

Editing: $45.00 Flat Fee

  •  Evaluating formatting to industry standards
  •  Spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, etc.
Turnaround time:
Editing: 2 week
Critique: 2 week
Editing & Critique combination: 2 to 3 weeks
Scripts can be received as email attachments or by postal mail, whichever works best for you.  

Script / Screenplay Development Service 
This service provides a detail scene by scene outline based on a script or story idea.
It outlines the whole story starting from the beginning of the story to the end of the story.
It develops and tells the story, explaining what happens in each scene.
It provides the description and action paragraphs for the script.
The writer can use the outline to write the script. It basically tells the story fully and how it pays out from start to finish. The writer only has to provide the dialog.

Fee: $100.00 
Turnaround Time: 4 weeks 

Sometimes writers have trouble developing the plot for their stories and making them compelling. This service helps remedy this. The outline helps keep the writer focused and simplify the script writing process.

If you are interested in the scene by scene outline, contact me. I will gladly send an example of a complete scene by scene outline.

Grow, ideas! Grow!

Editing $95.00 Flat Fee: Includes evaluating for  spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, etc. No changes are made to story content.  This is only done for books that are complete.

Critique $125.00 Flat Fee: Includes evaluating the introduction, development, climax, conclusion, & character development ( are very detail) Critiques also provide suggestions for improvements and enhancement. 

Query Letter: $25.00 Flat Fee (can be written from synopsis)

Turnaround time:
Editing: 5 week
Critique: 5 weeks
Letter: 2 weeks (when only a letter is  requested, the writer must send a synopsis of the book. The synopsis is used to write the letter.)

Books are received by postal mail, or email attachments. If sent by email, use the following formats: wordpad, notepad, MSword.doc, or Wordperfect.

All payments are received by Paypal, cashier check, or money order.

Feel free to contact me at or call at (360) 696-4298. address or ask for Frances.

“Wow, terrific notes, you truly have an excellent service.  And your price is unbeatable.  Thank you so much for the time and effort you spent.  I’m fortunate to have found you.  I would recommend you to anyone who wants their screenplay to be top-notch.”   - Carlo Simone, screenwriter, Canada

"Thanks for a very thorough and well structured review. I really can't thank you enough for the obvious effort that went into this and the valuable ideas and inspiration for the rewrite coming out of it.

Cheers and all the best. " - Damian, UK,  film script writer

"Thanks so much for taking Funk City to task and asking the questions that define how much farther the writer will need to go to see improvement in his work. A very useful tool and it's these questions that I will have to satisfy in order to get the script into the shape that it deserves. The critique was  very thoughtful and detailed ." -  Rickey, UK, novelist

"Hi, Frances.
Thanks for the critique of 16 Pysche. You certainly know your stuff and have given me plenty of food for thought." - Tim, USA California, screenwriter

I will be happy to work for you!

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