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Writer's Digest Tutorial: See Your Work Through The Eyes Of An Agent

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Putting yourself in the shoes of someone else . . . much easier said than done; however, for those that try—I am certain you have compassion and empathy. I'll admit that I'm a bit biased on this subject as I do believe it's very important to be able to care about and empathize with others. We see this all of the time when we read . . . you care for that protagonist and want to see him or her succeed. Being able to see from the perspective of another is also important (very important, I might add) when you are working to gain an agent, editor, or publisher.

This week's newest tutorial series, 6 Ways to See Your Work Through the Eyes of an Agent or PublisherPart I and Part II, will help you to think as an agent or publisher does. Remember, agents, editors, and publishers are extremely busy people. That said, they DO want to discover talent and you want your work to be the talent they discover. This two-part tutorial series will give you a rare glimpse and will help you to tailor your query and work in a way that puts you above many of the rest.

By merely watching the preview clips for 6 Ways to See Your Work Through the Eyes of an Agent or PublisherPart I and Part II, you'll gain valuable insight. Of course, you'll learn even more by watching the entire tutorials. Since you can pick up so many great tips through the video preview clips, my helpful tidbits for you this week are going to cover something slightly different.  

As much as we hate to think about this, agents, editors, and publishers do evaluate your manuscript in an instant (yes, that quickly in many cases). Listed below, you'll find the most common first page mistakes that writer's make: 
  • No clearly defined protagonist
  • Unclear story problem or no conflict
  • Immediate flashback
  • Too much explanation or back story
  • Phones and alarms
  • Waking up scenes
  • Interior monologue / reflection
  • Common crisis moments without unique perspective, hook, or voice  
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Wishing you only the best!
Julie Oblander
Online Education Manager
Writer's Digest Tutorials

Featured Tutorial Series | 6 Ways to See Your Work Through an Agent or Publisher's Eyes - Part I and Part II
Success in today's chaotic literary marketplace requires a writer to gain insight into the world of publishers and agents, the criteria by which they assess your query, and what their first impression of your material will be. There are obvious and not-so-obvious ways to ensure your query and writing sample will not only get read, but will also result in a positive experience for everyone involved.

This two-part tutorial series is presented by Charlotte Robin Cook, an experienced publisher and story editor, and Jon James Miller, an award-winning screenwriter and debut novelist who retained his first literary agent with a compelling query letter in 2011.

Agents and acquisition editors are people who are passionate about writers and writing. They want to hear from you and review your manuscript. Within Part I and Part II of this tutorial series, you'll learn six ways to see through the eyes of today's busy publishing professionals—and give you the perspective you need to succeed.

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Too often, writers spend countless hours making sure their submissions have all of the "right" material included—worded in the "right" way. Unfortunately, writers often forget that the submission elements—the query, synopsis, pitch, and so forth—all go hand in hand, and must work together to present a book in the best possible light. So the "right" way to submit and pitch your work will vary from project to project. It's crucial to understand what editors and agents are seeing from their end as they review the packages authors send and decide which ones are worth further consideration.

This brand new webinar will work with participants on each of the elements of the submission package including the synopsis, query and the pitch, not so much from a "This is how to write it," but rather "This is what to consider for each submission you send." How should your pitch, query, bio and synopsis all work together to explain the different elements of your book? How are these elements similar? How are they different?

This webinar includes a critique from instructor and literary agent Scott Eagan. You are invited to submit a pitch paragraph—which will receive a verbal or written critique!

Instructor Scott Eagan, founder of Greyhaus Literary, has worked with numerous writers across the nation to make their writing personal and also marketable, focusing on strategies and real-world approaches to get their manuscripts on the desks of their targeted editors and agents.

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Sneak Peek
Thanks to your survey responses and the e-mails that many of you have sent, I have great ideas flowing—specifically tailored to what YOU have requested tutorials on. Presently, I'm recording about four new tutorials a week. Here's a look at just a few of the tutorials I'm recording over the next couple weeks:

Who Says Rhyme Doesn't Pay? – Marketing Your Poetry

The Great Paradox of Creativity

SEO and a collection of tutorials to help you with other social media and online marketing and platform efforts  

I do listen and many of you will see 
your requested tutorials added to the site in the coming months.

I would love to share success stories of helpful tidbits that any of you are willing to send me. Have something you'd like to share? Send me an e-mail 

~ Julie ~

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