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September 12, 2012:Screenplays Wanted

Hello Everyone,

These "writing gigs" were sent to me by email this morning. So check them out and see what happens


Asian-based producers seek completed feature-length scripts that 1) portray heroic Chinese characters 2) portray Chinese culture and/or 3) are set in China in the following genres: action/adventure, thriller or sci-fi. Successful scripts will be produced in China and will be vetted by the government so content should not be anti-government, glorify crime or contain explicit sexuality. Scripts with an identifiable rewrite potential to be set in China may be considered. Material already translated into Mandarin or pre-approved will be given very high priority. Budget is open. Both WGA and non-WGA writers may submit. 


We are DoP/Director team, looking for a live action short script between 5-15 pages. Genre is not important. What counts is that it possesses something that is philosophical and existential, and deeply human. Plot should be interesting but secondary to an underlying, particular theme that is explored, and it would be preferable to have an open or interpretable ending rather than a moralistic, absolute one. Though we are open to meaningful quirkiness and irony, we're not interested in gimmicks, cleverness for the sake of cleverness, and prefer to read something that is personal and uncontaminated by commercial aims. If you have something that might apply, please submit a short paragraph synopsis as opposed to a logline, and not the entire script.


Looking for someone with broad range in comic styles to contribute to web series pilot. "Outside the box" is good. Please send resume, samples or links, examples of influences/favorite shows and films, as well as some idea of how much time you have to devote to this project. I would like to meet at least once weekly.


We are an up and coming modest production company based in Los Angeles. We are seeking scripts that are low budget and have an independent feel. Preferably in the 1-2 million range. We are interested in all genres except horror and comedy. Please also include a logline and synopsis with the script.

The Shorthouse Organisation - Seeking Psychological Thriller 
"The Shorthouse Organisation is looking for a low- budget feature film script which contains a suspenseful and engaging psychological thriller premise. It must also contain a lead role for a 30s something male and be UK based. The script should be well-structured and scenes should be working on multiple levels. Cinematic visuals, language and action are paramount and dialogue should be used to drive the story and reveal characters.
You will receive a writing credit on the film, a share in the back end profits and remuneration payable on the first day of principal photography. Please send a one page synopsis, tag line, and your biography to Please do not send scripts, these will be asked for if your synopsis fits the funding we have in place."

And here's your free Inktip job lead. It is exclusive to you as a Screenwriting Goldmine subscriber.  
Remember, the only other way you'd see this job lead is by  paying to become an Inktip Subscriber.

Centrala - Seeking Animation Scripts with Poetic Style
We are looking for completed feature-length animation scripts intended for a children's audience, i.e. ages approximately 7-12, but with a certain sensibility:  The type of animation style we like is "Up" and the Hayao Miyazaki films.  We are NOT looking for a fast-paced, lighthearted comedy like "Kung Fu Panda," "Megamind" or even "The Incredibles."  Rather, the tone and pace should be more poetic, introspective and mature while still targeted for a young audience.  We are not afraid of difficult subjects in the story.  Also, we prefer stories that allow for more fantastical journeys or worlds.

Budget is open.  Both WGA and Non-WGA writers may submit.

Our credits include 'Ve stinu'

To submit to this lead, please go to:

Enter your email address.

Copy/Paste this code: 2hx9hwkq96

NOTE: Please only submit your work if it fits what the lead is looking for exactly.  If you aren't sure if your script fits, please ask InkTip first.

And that's it. 

To your writing!

Go forward and win!

Logline Service
I have been getting a lot of request for loglines. I give different prices . Since I have so many requests for this service, I decided to set a single fix price.

Logline: $5.00 Flat Fee

A synopsis or summery is required. It well be used to form the logline. The logline is just one line.


Critique: $50.00 Flat Fee, Discount fee $42.50
 Includes evaluating the basis elements of a script

  •  Introduction
  •  Development
  •  Climax
  •  Conclusion
  • Character development 
  •  Mid point development
Critiques also provide suggestions for improvements and enhancement. 

Payments are made by Paypal or cashier check by mail.

Other services are at regular price.

Query Letters: $25.00 Flat Fee  

Editing: $45.00 Flat Fee
  •  Evaluating formatting to industry standards
  •  Spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, etc.
Turnaround time:
Editing: 2 weeks
Critique: 2 weeks
Query Letters: 2 weeks

Feel free to contact me at or
Feel to call me at (360) 696-4298. Ask for Frances.

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