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WRITER'S DIGEST TUTORIAL: Crafting Sizzling Dialogue

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Featured Tutorials | How to Craft Sizzling Dialogue AND 5 Easy Ways to Avoid Burnout
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From the Editor 

I hope you were able to enjoy more time with your family and additional time writing over the past week. If you happened to brave the stores on Black Friday or Small Business Saturday, I hope you found the deals you were searching for! If you are still looking for the perfect gift for a few on your list--remember that you can gift a membership to Writer's Digest Tutorials

I have a plethora of great information for you this week, so let's jump right in . . . 

Q: What is the fastest way to improve my manuscript?
A: Dialogue.
Of course, there are many ways to improve your manuscript. However, dialogue is the fastest way to improve--or sink--your manuscript. No one likes reading unrealistic dialogue and agents will stop reading quickly if dialogue isn't well-crafted. This week's first new tutorial is taught by best-selling author James Scott Bell. How to Craft Sizzling Dialogue provides techniques that can be applied instantly to your writing. 

5 Easy Ways to Avoid Burnout, taught by Jodell Sadler, was also added this week. With the competitiveness of today's literary market, it's easy to see why writers (possibly you?) can feel burned-out from time to time--and many even begin to question their writing dreams. If you are burned-out or if you simply want to avoid burnout, this tutorial is for you. 

Back to commonly misused words! The three I analyze for you this week are yayyea, and yeah

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Wishing you only the best! 

Julie Oblander
Online Education Manager
Writer's Digest Tutorials

Double Feature Week | How to Craft Sizzling Dialogue AND 5 Easy Ways to Avoid Burnout

How to Craft Sizzling Dialogue 

Dialogue is the fastest way to improve--or sink--a manuscript. Discover techniques that can be applied instantly to your writing. Learn how to craft sizzling dialogue and elevate your manuscript in the eyes of agents, editors, and readers! 

This tutorial is taught by James Scott Bell ( Jim is the author of the mega-bestseller for writers, Plot & Structure, and numerous thrillers, including Deceived, Try Dying, and Watch Your Back. His novellaOne More Lie was the first self-published work to be nominated for an International Thriller Writers Award. He served as the fiction columnist for Writer's Digest magazine and has written highly popular craft books for Writer's Digest Books, including: Revision & Self-EditingThe Art of War for Writers, and Conflict & Suspense

In this 58-minute tutorial video, you'll learn: 
>>The 8 Essentials of Great Dialogue 
>>The 12 Tools for Creating Dazzling Talk 
>>How to use dialogue attributions correctly 
>>Where to put dialogue in your novel queries, synopses, or other proposal 

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* * * * * 

5 Easy Ways to Avoid Burnout 

Publishing houses closing to submissions. Agents are taking on new clients by conference connections or referrals only. The picture book market remains tight. The world of self-publishing opens; but self-publishing requires that many authors pay high prices for editing and e-book development. No wonder why it's so easy for a writer to feel burned-out and question their dreams. It doesn't have to be this way! This tutorial will help you revive your love of writing. 

This tutorial is presented by Jodell Sadler. Jodell earned an MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults from Hamline University. Jodell teaches at numerous conferences and works with writers and illustrators to hone their picture book projects. 

In this 20-minute tutorial video, you'll discover how to make PLANS. There are easy ways to avoid burnout--enjoy every step and free your inner artist to dream and do more! 

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