Tuesday, July 23, 2013

How To Write Children's Books

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Course Starts July 25
Course Structure
This workshop will consist of four one-week sessions. Each session will include an online lecture, along with a writing assignment that will be submitted to the instructor for private review. Student work will also be posted for group review and feedback. Throughout the workshop you will be able to participate in asynchronous lecture discussion. Students are encouraged to take advantage of ongoing informal discussions and posted self-directed writing exercises.
In This Course You Will:
  • Dispel some misconceptions that you may have about picture books and learn the "rules" of the genre..
  • Learn the audiences for picture books and how selections are made.
  • Understand how a picture book relies on a combination of compelling language and visual appeal.
  • Learn which subject matters, including personal experience, make the best subjects for a picture book narrative.
  • Learn how to construct a picture book dummy to determine whether pacing and illustration placement are effective.
  • Understand how to evaluate your picture book to make sure it is "publisher-ready."
  • Learn how to approach a publisher with a picture book manuscript.
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