Saturday, April 5, 2014

Happy Saturday!

Check out the following articles from Script Magazine. They were sent to me in an email.

Behind the Lines with DR: Movie Turnaround and The Enemies List
Doug Richardson, writer of 'Die Hard 2,' tells a tale of a writing assignment, a divorcee, studio politics and movie turnaround.
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Notes from the Margins: The Difference Between A Hook and A Gimmick
These days, writers often get confused between a hook and a gimmick. And the two are not the same thing. Danny Manus explains the differences.
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Back to the Chalkboard: Location, Location, Location
Brad Riddell, screenwriter and professor, gives 10 things to consider when choosing the location of your stories.
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Stories Without Borders: Writing Abroad
Julie Gray, an author, script consultant and former script reader moved from L.A. to Tel Aviv. She shares her global view of writing abroad in her new column, Stories Without Borders.
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Wendy LA4HIRE: What Every Screenwriter Can Learn from Alfred Hitchcock
Producer Wendy Kram shares what screenwriters can learn from Alfred Hitchcock films from exposition to character development.
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