Friday, August 8, 2014

Dear Readers,

Following are 3 articles that came to me in a newsletter from Script. Click on them to read. You'll find them interesting.

The Selling Your Screenplay Podcast: An Interview With Scriptapalooza Co-Founder Mark Andrushko
Ashley Scott Meyers interviews one of the founders of Scriptapalooza, Mark Andrushko. Scriptapalooza was established in the late 1990′s and has become one of the top screenwriting contests in the industry.
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Sign Up for Screenwriters World Conference to Pitch Your Screenplay!
Screenwriters World Conference is an amazing opportunity to get your script in front of executives. Beyond pitching, you'll be able to take classes and network with other writers. Isn't it time for you to get to L.A. and jumpstart your career? Don't miss this chance!
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Going to a Pitching Event? Get Our FREE Pitchfest Checklist Download!
Many writers are leery of pitching events, worried they are merely a way for companies to take advantage of vulnerable writers. Pitchfests have an outstanding value for writers. But being prepared before you go is the key to your success. Learn 7 Reasons Why Pitchfests are Beneficial and get your FREE Pitchfest Checklist so you are prepared for success!
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