Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Hello again.

As I have said many times before, there is nothing like studying and leaning to make one a better writer. Even though you may have a good story idea, having curriculum geared to writing skills development can help a writer form his or her idea into a good publishable story. So check out the offers from Writer's Digest.

Two Great Resources. One Low Price. 

65 Master Characters & Plots Bundle

Learn from the greatest characters and plots in history!

YOUR Price: $13.99


Engage Readers from the First Word! 
Are you ready to write a novel that engages and excites readers for decades? There's a pattern established throughout history for writing effective characters and memorable plots. This bundle will provide anyone interested in writing a novel the tools to bring their characters to life and integrate all the elements of their story. Read more...

Two of Our Most Popular Books 
Compelling characters and an engaging plot are the building blocks of a story that readers can't put down. Now at a greatly reduced price, you can have both of these resources in one value pack.

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