Friday, August 15, 2014

Here something else for you.

Are you writing a Sifi or fantasy script?

These scripts have a structure to follow. Following is an online webinar that can help you.

Winning Sci-Fi/Fantasy Story Structures

Sci-Fi and Fantasy scripts can either captivate an audience or turn 
them off completely. It all starts with a great script. A script with a
 strong structure has a better chance of attracting producers and
 an audience.

What do great Sci-Fi and Fantasy scripts have in common? What 

turns the audience away from these movies in spite of high 
expectations? This webinar will look more closely at how winning
 movies were structured through comparing box office hits with
 box office duds. And give an overview of their structures.

No Question Goes Unanswered!

This course is open to anyone interested in writing Sci/Fi and Fantasty.

 Nancy Ellen Dodd will be available to answer all of your questions. 
No question goes unanswered! See syllabus here »

What you'll learn:

How to identify structure that works
How to develop Sci-Fi/Fantasy ideas into a strong structure
How Sci-Fi/Fantasy structures differ from other genres
How character development is integral in the Sci-Fi/Fantasy structure
Winning Sci-Fi/Fantasy scripts and what they have in common
Losing Sci-Fi/Fantasy scripts and where they failed
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