Monday, September 22, 2014


Hello everyone.

here's something I got in an email that you may be interested in-- for those of you who are script writers:

Hi Frances!
In case you're not keeping an eye on our YouTube channel, we've got a new FREE video for you:
This is a question almost all writers ask, but with SO MUCH misinformation online (from some of the top screenwriting sites!), you may be focusing on the wrong things.
In this Screenwriting Uncut episode, I spell out the TRUTH about how to get an agent — including the very BEST way... the next best way... and then the specific method to grab their attention.
Please share this video! And leave any questions or comments on the YouTube page.

In this video, I explain how to master the craft of screenwriting. See, to really SELL your work, you have to write at a PRO level — which requires some degree of mastery of this delicate and nuanced craft. Here, I show you exactly how to get there.
(And yes, please share this one, too!) And leave any questions or comments on the YouTube page.

If you haven't watched this one yet, please don't delay. It includes thescientific reason WHY you MUST write TODAY. If you've been procrastinating, it might be worth watching again.
Oh, and please share. (It really helps us, which is how we can keep helping you!) And leave any questions or comments on the YouTube page.

A Special Request

Now, if you're new to this newsletter, you may not realize something:
It's interactive.
Did you know you can REPLY to this email, and get a personalized response from me?
Did you know you can ask ANYTHING (about anything!)... and I'll give you a direct, honest, personal answer — one to one?
TRY IT! Reply now... and ask anything.

To kick off the conversation, can I ask YOU something?
If you're on this list and you're NOT participating in FAST Screenplay... would you mind if I asked "Why not?"
If you've thought about joining, but you're not sure... or you've decided against it... or you're hesitating... could you let me know the reason?
Don't worry. I won't pressure you.
I'm just looking for feedback.
See, I spent 5 years building this system (and 10 years before that developing it)... I put my career on hold for 15 years to build it. And:
100% of writers who complete the system as instructed
achieve professional results.
But, frankly, I'm not a salesman; I'm a filmmaker. (Maybe you can relate? Think about how much you resist the selling part of screenwriting!)
And it's possible I'm doing something wrong — which harms yourchances of success. But I have no way of knowing if you don't tell me.
So I could really use your help. I'd love some feedback.

In exchange for your time, I'll give you a bonus 20-minute Skype (or phone) conversation if you join FAST Screenplay before the end of September (within the next 12 days). We'll chat within your first week, to make sure you get off to a great start! (Email me after signup to arrange it.)
Simply reply here, and let me know your thoughts about FAST.The website, the free reports, the videos, the newsletters, the YouTube or Facebook pages — anything you want.
Even if it's bad! (Especially if it's bad!)
And don't forget to ASK anything, too!

Until next time, remember to TAKE ACTION... and enjoy the process.
Have a great weekend!
Jeff Bollow
Embryo Films
FAST Screenplay

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