Thursday, October 9, 2014

Creating A hooking Plot

Here something else to interest. This was also sent to me in an email from GUIDE TO LITERARY AGENTS.

Create an Awesome Plot That Grabs Agents & Readers -- Check Out this Month's Webinar and Agent One-on-One Boot Camp

Like I mentioned in the editor's letter, now is an amazing time to check out upcoming WD instruction if you are having trouble laying out your plot.


First of all, tomorrow's (Thursday's) webinar is taught by "The Plot Whisperer" Martha Alderson. It's called "How to Pre-Plot & Complete a Novel or Memoir in a Month," and it all starts at 1 p.m., EST, on Oct. 9. All registrants of this webinar will receive the ebook The Plot Whisperer Book of Writing Prompts by Martha Alderson.


    -- How to structure your story in preparation of writing a fast draft
    -- How to pre-plot the dramatic action plot and the character emotional development plot 
    -- The benefits of writing a fast draft from beginning to end
    -- The importance of reaching the end before beginning again
    -- Why pre-plotting ensures you'll finish your story in the allotted time
    -- The best use of your time to reach your goal
    -- The plot items you'll need to begin your one-month writing challenge
    -- How to use the one-month deadline to your advantage

There's much more to know about the webinar. Check out the official page here.


Secondly, later this month, the agents at Talcott Notch Literary are teaching an Agent One-on-One Boot Camp called "Plot Perfect." It starts on Oct. 24. After hearing from agent Paula Munier on how to play out a superior plot, you will talk with the agent instructors on Blackboard and ask them questions; and then you will turn in your entire plot framework (similar to a synopsis) for a full critique from one of the Talcott Notch agents.

Find out all details of the Oct. 24 boot camp here on the sign-up page.

Check out both resources to help your plot.

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