Thursday, October 23, 2014

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Hears another post for the day. these are links to some interesting articles that can help with with your script writing. They are from Script magazine.

Improvising Screenplays: The “All is Lost” Exercise - How to Sharpen Your Film Endings by Revealing Defeat
Writer and theatrical improviser Brett Wean reveals how to craft satisfying film endings by showing what your character's defeat could look like.
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Craft: Do I Need Screenwriting Software?
Dave Trottier explains how formatting is the language of the screenplay. See specific reasons why screenwriting software makes it easier to learn and communicate with other industry professionals.
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Double Your Odds of Success by Adapting Your Script Into a Novel with Tips in Our FREE Download!
If you haven’t considered adapting your screenplay to a novel, you might be missing out on another opportunity. Create another piece of valuable intellectual property for yourself with these novel writing tips.
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Why Spec Scripts Fail: Ignorance vs. Arrogance
Stewart Farquhar uses his expertise and shares industry standard expectations for spec scripts to discuss a writer's perspective: ignorance or arrogance.
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Screenwriting Website of the Week: Paul Zeidman's Maximun Z
ScriptMag is proud to announce Paul Zeidman's Maximum Z as our latest Screenwriting Website of the Week!
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