Thursday, October 30, 2014

Dear readers,

This is an email I got today that I would like to share with you.


Hi Frances!
I've got a BRAND NEW must-see video for you on our YouTube channel:
EVERY writer and EVERY producer will always face these three problems... and they'll never go away. These are the fundamental problems of screenplay development.
I developed FAST Screenplay as a way to directly address these three problems. But whatever approach you use, if it doesn't directly address them, you will continue to spin in circles... forever.
Watch today. And feel free to leave any questions or comments on theYouTube page.

A Note About This Video

This is a remake of the very first video I created for FAST Screenplay (5 years ago, before everything went HD!)... and the whole system was built upon these ideas.
It was originally intended to be watched the first thing you watched... before reading The Missing Ingredient and The Screenwriting Roadmap ebooks (both of which you've already seen if you're on this list).
I would urge you to check out this video (and please share!), and thenre-read those ebooks, to get a true sense of how to beat these challenges.

Up Next

I've decided to put The Producer's Perspective series on hold. Despite getting lots of views, it hasn't started the dialogue I was aiming for, and it's been terribly time-consuming (difficult while juggling all my projects).
So instead, in the next set of videos I'm putting together, I'm going to show you the FAST Story Development Process — How to Create Detailed Original Stories in 1 Hour. I'm trying to create 4 brief videos that walk you through the process (all will be released on the same day).
The entire 1-Hour Story Development process takes about 2-3 months to learn (it's what the Setup and Focus Phases teach), but when you snap the pieces together, you'll create powerful, original (non-formulaic) stories within an hour. And that will lead to extraordinary results.
So stay tuned! You'll hear about it here first.

Or Join Us

If you haven't joined us in FAST Screenplay, don't you think it's time to take the plunge?
Did you know there are now tens of thousands of films made each year? It's called "the digital revolution" and we're seeing films made in every corner of the globe. The only problem is this: THE SCREENPLAYS ARE AWFUL, so the vast majority of those films will never see the light of day.
Producers need great screenplays — and we need LOTS of them.Pretty much any kind of story you want to tell. A fantastic story can andwill get noticed today.
But it must be extraordinary, and it must be something a producer can actually use.
Why compete against the 100,000 writers trying to get Hollywood's attention (there's a much more effective way to get Hollywood's attention anyway), and go where the real action is — where there is literally unlimited opportunity waiting for you.
I'll be creating a Screenwriting Uncut video about this in the weeks ahead. But why not get started TODAY?
Let me guide you in the months ahead through the entire process. You have nothing to lose.

As always, I'm here for you if you have any questions or comments. Just reply here and let me know.
Thanks for reading, remember to take action daily... and we'll see you soon.

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