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Short Action/Adventure/Crime/Mystery/Suspense/ThrillerPosted: 11/12/14 ; L
Location: LOS ANGELES ; UNPAID; This post will expire: 02/09/15 

I am a Los Angeles based filmmaker looking for a short film to produce and direct. Examples of my work can be seen at

I've directed a few feature films in the past. Now it's mainly music videos and commercials. I need something new for the reel to present for episodic TV directing. 

I've looked for scripts on other sites, but I always get buried in submissions. Not many sync up with my style of filmmaking. So this time I'm going to get a bit more specific... Maybe this might be a shot in the dark, but you never know.

I'm looking for a short that is a gritty modern noir tale. I love twist endings. Something with some action, but not high budget. Small in scope but clever. Something that allows actors something to sink their teeth into as well as allows me to celebrate my directing style. 

I love the urban texture of Los Angeles as well as films that celebrate this - 'Drive' and 'Collateral' are a few examples (preferably not night shoots). I'm thinking of something that has interesting character dynamics such as the film 'Sexy Beast,' a touch of weirdness like David Lynch, and a sprinkling of 'The Twilight Zone.'

Please send me your logline and synopsis.

This is something that WILL get produced and made. I'm also open to something that can be expanded, though it's not entirely necessary (ex. something that could be extended to a TV show, web series, etc.). And one other thing - I need someone who is open to collaboration if I feel like there are areas that can be improved. 

Thank you in advance.

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