Friday, March 13, 2015

How to Write Your Novel-- Answers to Your Questions are Here

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following is a list of resources that would be helpful to your writing. I got the list from an email sent by the Guide to Literary Agents.

Evergreen Guest Content: 20 Helpful Columns for Writers

Between all the columns and guest columns and interviews and such I post each year, a lot can fall through the cracks. That said, let me point you to some helpful evergreen guest posts on the craft and business of writing that I've penned over the past year. These posts will teach you how to write a query, how to write a synopsis, how to start your novel strong, which writers' conferences to attend, and much more. Check them out:

1. Should you sign with a new literary agent?
2. Do you need multiple agents if you write in multiple genres?
3. How to start your novel.
4. Why writers must make themselves easy to contact.
5. How to write a novel synopsis.
6. Query letter questions answered.
7. 11 frequently asked questions about book royalties and money.
8. Learn why "Keep moving forward" may be the best advice of all for writers.
9. Want to adapt your novel into a screenplay? Start here.
10. How NOT to start your story. Read advice from agents.
11. What are the BEST writers conferences to attend?
12. How do you make money writing articles for magazines?
13. 11 ways to support an author's new book release.
14. What to write in the BIO section of your query letter.
15. What does a literary agent want to see when they Google you?
16. Headed to a conference? Learn how to pitch an agent.
17. What does it mean when an agent says "This isn't right for me"?
18. Agents share their query letter pet peeves.
19. How do you use social media to sell more books?
20. When can you call yourself a writer?

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