Saturday, March 28, 2015

Writing Children Books; Multi-Genre Authors; Forming a Writing Routine

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Happy weekend. here is something for you to read from Writers Digest.

wd-logoHave an Agent Critique Your Entire Picture Book or the First 10 Pages of Your YA/MG Book: Agent One-on-One Boot Camp Starts April 20 
In this brand new Writer's Digest Boot Camp starting Dec. 5, 2014 called "Sell Your Children's Book," the agents of The Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency will answer all those questions and more. They'll also critique your work and allow you to ask any questions you like. Registrants can choose to hear a tutorial on how to craft an amazing picture book, and then get their picture book critiqued-or they can choose to hear a different tutorial on writing MG and YA, and then get their first 10 manuscript pages critiqued. 
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wd-logoWhat We Can Learn From Multi-Genre Authors 
One of my favorite parts of my job as editor of Writer's Digest is overseeing our WD Interview cover stories in every issue-deciding who to feature, making sure we're hosting a conversation that covers ground our readers won't find elsewhere, and quite often even conducting the interviews and crafting the profiles myself. 
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Interview With Laura Backes Bard of Children's Book Insider
Former agent and children's book expert Laura Backes Bardwants offers up some advice for budding children's book writers and more.
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4 Reasons You're Procrastinating Instead of Writing
As writers, we are as diverse as our stories. I wouldn't write a publishable word if I had to schedule my writing sessions, and I know there are many writers out there-maybe even you-who wouldn't write a thing if you didn't. We all select our words differently. And thank god for that. Are you a routine-less writer? If so, consider these tips.
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