Saturday, July 16, 2016

Books Wanted by Publishers and Agents

Hello, readers.

Happy Summer!

I've been so busy. I've been working on scripts for clients and working on my own material.

People have been asking me what  can they write to get agents' attention. Well, I'll tell you what agents have told me. In querying my own book, I have been told that the writing quality is good but the story, or subject matter, although it is unique, is not what publishers are looking for. Publishers want mysteries and thrillers for the adult and young adult market. I have been told to apply my quality writing to form a mystery or thriller.

Several agents told me not to be too unique. I was told to read the bestsellers in mysteries and thrillers, look at the story content and create a similar story slightly different with different situations and a different twist. To every agent I communicate with I say, "isn't that plagiarism?" They say no. One agent explained it this away. "Think of  an airplane, you have Airbus and you have Boeing. It's like an apple tree. You have granny smith and you have fuji. It's like the ice cream flavor butter pecan, you have Ben and Jerry's butter pecan and Walmart's Great Value butter pecan. The things are the same but there is a unique difference.

So when applying this concept to writing. a writer can create a story that is well formed and written and completely different from what is on the market. In the market, readers of all ages are craving mysteries and thrillers. This is what's bringing in the money. The best sellers are similar yet there is a unique difference, like granny smith and fuji are both apples, but they taste different. This is the fine line that separates your story idea from plagiarism."

Another agent told me that books that are too unique have low sells. The public craves the fad.

I hope this explanation helps everyone. It certainly helped me. Remember. Don't be too unique. Follow the market fads.

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