Friday, July 7, 2017

Writing From a Point of View

Good Morning, Readers!

Here is a thought for you who are creating a novel.

What point of view are you telling a story?

I've noticed that a lot of novels coming out and most of the best sellers are from the point of view of the main character instead of a narrator. Agents have been telling me they are looking for stories told from the point of view of the main character because that apparently is what readers want.

If you are having trouble with developing the point of view for your story check out the following tutorial from WRITER'S DIGEST.

Writer's Digest Tutorials
Point of View: Whose Story is This, Anyway?
Part 1
Point of view (POV) is one of the issues most-often called out by editors, and can be a difficult skill for many writers to wrap their heads around. But solidifying your novel's POV can be easier than you think. Looking beyond current trends and some long-standing myths, we'll narrow the discussion down to a few simple but essential concepts that'll help you choose the approach that works best for your story Read More...

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