Thursday, May 15, 2014

Magazine writers Wanted

Dear reader,

Are you interested in writing magazine articles? Reader the following letter I received this morning

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Outskirts Press
imageplaceholder Robert Lee Brewer
Senior Content Editor, Writer's Digest Writing Community

Sometimes-despite our best efforts-the most unexpected things can happen to influence the direction of our work. Sometimes it's a good thing-like an unexpected prize or award-and sometimes it's not. The best way freelancers can weather the ups and downs is through diversifying.

Diversifying takes many forms. It means working with multiple clients to protect against losing any one stream of income suddenly drying up. It can also mean diversifying freelance types. For instance, some freelancers write books, sell magazine articles, and earn money through blogging and/or speaking.

Speaking of diversifying! Learn how to write incredible copy and break into the lucrative field of copywriting with the Breaking Into Copywriting: Use Your Creativity to Kick-Start a New Career course. In this course, writers will learn how to utilize copywriting theory to produce high-quality advertising, create a killer sample ad for your portfolio, find and secure work as a copywriter, and more. 

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Here is the list of my fees again. Some one sent an email stating the website did not show my fees. So at the end of every blog post I'll show my fees.

Edit Article: $25.00

Edits:  $48.00  (proofread for scripts)

Critique :  $58.00 ( for scripts)

Query Letters :  $28.00 (scripts/books):

Synopsis :  $38.00 (script/books):

Edits for Books:  $90.00

Critiques for Books:  $125.00

Some people request edits and critiques together. If a writer wants both, to me this says the writer is not completely confident his or her script is ready. So I  recommend getting the critique first. Use the critique to redo the script. Once the script is just right, then request the edit.

However, there are script writers who insist on having both an edit and critique together.  So I offer an edit and critique combo at discount.

Edit &Critique Combo Discount: $76.00   This is a discount savings of $30.00

All payments are received by Paypal. If you cannot make Paypal payments you may mail payments in the form of cashier checks or money orders. NO personal checks

If you are interested in my services feel free to contact me at

Phone: (360) 696-4298

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