Saturday, December 6, 2014

Writing Resources: Creating Compelling Characters

Character development is key to writing a screenplay that engages your audience from start to finish. Your characters should step off the page and come to life for your audience. In this collection, you'll find nine resources devoted to helping you create unforgettable, complex characters. With instruction on the main character archetypes to consider in your film and how your character arcs will affect your plot, you'll be ready to wow audiences with main and secondary characters that evoke emotions and, ultimately, sell your story.
Learn how to create an unforgettable cast of characters!
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How to Create a Badass Main Character In Any Genre
ONDEMAND WEBINAROne of the most common problems in screenplays is a weak main character. The supporting characters may shine, but the protagonist feels thin, directionless, and often "dead" on the page. Learn how to create a compelling main character, give your story its center, core, and narrative force to drive the story forward.
Cast of Characters
MP4 VIDEOProfessional writers spend untold hours examining the backstory, motivations and relationships of protagonists, antagonists, and supporting cast alike. Learn the pros' methods for creating three-dimensional, unforgettable characters actors will want to play.
Connecting with Characters
MP4 VIDEOYou can't have a great plot without having amazing characters. Strong character development will evoke emotions in your audience whether you're writing a comedy, drama, or any other genre. Learn how to create great characters that cause your audience to connect in some way.
Creating Dynamic Characters
ONDEMAND WEBINARThis webinar discusses the techniques to craft dynamic characters to both serve your story and bring it to a new level. You'll receive a bullet list of items to aid you in creating your characters and their backstory. You'll learn how to dissect your characters in a way that serves both their evolution and helps you brainstorm plot points and conflicts.
Creating Strong Female Characters
ONDEMAND WEBINARThe webinar is designed to help writers of all levels re-examine their own perspective of male-female relationships, gender-specific characteristics, and women's roles in both society and literature/film. You will leave the webinar with a better understanding of why this is such a complicated issue and how to sort through those complexities.
Writing the Character-Driven Screenplay: Alexander Payne Style
ONDEMAND WEBINARUnderstanding our characters in relation to the story is crucial. The constant question we face as screenwriters is: How do we build our characters so their relationship to the story is inevitable? No matter what kind of scripts you write, what genre or size, the methods used by Alexander Payne to develop story through character can be useful to your writing process.
45 Master Characters: Mythic Models for Creating Original Characters
EBOOKEvery novelist, screenwriter, and storyteller faces the challenge of creating original and exciting characters. Recommended by Library Journal, 45 Master Characters explores the most common male and female archetypes, provides instructions for using them to create your own original characters.
What Would Your Character Do?
EBOOKNot just another dry, how-to instruction book, What Would Your Character Do? is the first interactive guide that encourages writers to get inside their characters' heads as they create them.
Writing Scripts That Appeal to A-List Actors
ONDEMAND WEBINARDuring thIS webinar, award-winning producer Glenn Benest will share insights into creating eye catching character arcs, help you devise dramatic entrances for your heroes and heroines and will provide other tips and techniques that you can instantly use in your screenplays.

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