Tuesday, February 10, 2015

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Hear are more articles to read concerning script writing.

BREAKING IN: Elementary, My Dear Screenwriter- 7 Things You Can Learn from 'Sherlock'
Whether you write for film or TV, you can learn a lot from 'Sherlock.' Staton Rabin gives 7 clues about what to look for in this great BBC series. The game is afoot!
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BEHIND THE LINES WITH DR: Illegal Downloading - Guilty Conscience
Doug Richardson talks about the issue of illegal downloading. Sure we've all snagged a tune or two, but where’s that guilty conscience?
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SPECS & THE CITY: The Mentor Archetype and 'Star Wars'
The mentor archetype is perhaps the most straightforward archetype in storytelling. Brad Johnson explains how it's implemented in 'Star Wars'.
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Industry Insider Screenwriting Contest
The majority of our past finalists gained representation and met with top production companies, with one lucky winner selling his script to Universal. Now, it’s your turn to show Hollywood what you can do. Just write up to the first 15 pages of an original script based on one or more of the provided loglines to get a chance at winning a mentorship to help you complete the first draft!
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5 Tips for Choosing Writing Genres + Exclusive FREE Download
Master writing genres like a professional! Oftentimes people assume writing genres is as simple as letting your story idea choose the genre type you should write. But it’s important to consider more than just the idea when choosing from the screenplay genres the industry has already created.
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ScriptMag Archives: The Secret to Finding Time to Write
ScriptMag looks back at older articles that still pack value for today's screenwriter. Every writer struggles with juggling a day job and finding time to write. Jeanne Veillette Bowerman gives practical tips on how to map your day to make writing a priority.
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X-RAY SPECS: Dream Within a Dream? Screenwriting Dream Scenes
Robert Piluso discusses the intricacies of writing dream scenes. Are they needed? Do they elevate a story or detract from it?
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Tips on Writing Dialogue That's Truthful
Susan Kouguell, award-winning screenwriter and filmmaker and screenwriting teacher at SUNY College at Purchase gives advice on writing dialogue that's truthful.
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SELLING YOUR SCREENPLAY PODCAST: Interview with Writers/Directors RKSS of 'Turbo Kid'
Ashley Scott Meyers interviews Francois Simard, Anouk Whissell, and Yoann-Karl Whissell about their new film, Turbo Kid, premiering at Sundance this week.
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Learn How to Create Dynamic Characters Actors Want to Play With Our FREE Webinar!
To increase your odds of getting produced, you need to attract top talent who will put an audience in the seats. Creating characters that actors want to play is a must. In our FREE Creating Dynamic Characters Webinar, you’ll learn how to create and develop characters from screenwriter and Editor of Script Magazine, Jeanne Veillette Bowerman.
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