Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Screencraft Forum: A new Community for Screenwriters

Triggerstreet Labs, the online community for writers has closed down. The website has sent emails to all its members referring them to Screencraft.

Following is the email I received .  I signed up for Screencraft. I suggest you try it out too.

To all members of the Trigger Street Labs Community:

After the announcement of our site shutting down, many of you have wondered where you can take your material, or what other community is similar to the one you have found here. After a few weeks of discussion, we would like to promote a unique and wonderful new forum from our friends at ScreenCraft.
ScreenCraft and WriterDuet are launching a brand new community (similar to ours), and you will have early access. ScreenCraft has established a strong track record very quickly as one of the best discovery platforms for emerging screenwriters. All of last year's ScreenCraft Fellows have signed with established literary managers and agents.
If you would like early access to the new forum when it launches,click here to sign up now!
Everyone who signs up before February 15th will receive a $25 discount for WriterDuet Pro, the best screenwriting software available, and the only program we know of built for real-time collaborative screenwriting.
- Trigger Street Productions

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